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Christina Asmus: subcutaneous tick

Photos of Christina Asmus in social networks and from the red carpet are impeccable. It seems that the actress has perfect skin, which she often emphasizes with red lipstick. However, a year ago, the girl said that the skin is her sore subject and it took her years to put it in order. It turned out that on one of the film sets, the make-up artist, with the help of dirty, as Christina assures, brushes, brought a tick under her skin. The disease is called demodex – it is exacerbated by inflammatory processes in the body, weakened immunity. Apparently, this was just the case when everything came together. At that time, the actress starred in “Interns” – the series that made her popular.

“The face was full of trash. They couldn’t even film me, let alone cover up all this horror. I was treated for a year with everything that is possible, ”Asmus shared with followers. Since then, the actress, according to her, practically does not use decorative cosmetics in her life, does not go to beauticians. But he always carries his own brushes to the site and uses chlorhexidine twice a day (literally, he pours it over his face). And he is still afraid of the return of demodex, because for an actor the face is his working tool, and the subcutaneous tick is a disease that is almost impossible to remove completely, only to achieve remission.

Elena Temnikova: autoimmune disease

Not so long ago, Elena Temnikova openly spoke about her torment with her skin. It turned out that it was not about the banal acne, familiar to many teenagers (whose traces sometimes remain years later), but about an autoimmune thyroid disease, the side effect of which was skin problems. Temnikova called herself at that moment a “man-inflammation.” The singer tried for a long time to find out the cause of the rather terrible subcutaneous acne, more like bumps. To begin with, I removed sweets, gluten, dairy products from the diet – zero effect. I drank a course of powerful antibiotics – also by. It is quite easy to remove inflammatory elements in a photo – filters will help, but in order to look good in front of photographers at events, I had to literally apply a mask of foundation and concealers.

After making the correct diagnosis (Elena turned to many reputable doctors), Temnikova was offered an operation in Switzerland: “I was recommended to take some fat from the abdomen, drive it through some kind of centrifuge, get my own stem cells from there and prick in my cheeks. They did it to me. The scars are gone a little.”

Natalia Medvedeva: atopic dermatitis

A former participant in the Comedy Woman show, Natalia Medvedeva once showed how she looks without makeup and filters. It became clear that the artist had atopic dermatitis. Natalia told subscribers that the skin is constantly drying and itching, becoming covered with crusts. Medvedeva was not afraid to publish honest photos, saying that she had been undergoing treatment for a long time, without which she would be nowhere. The actress noted that atopic dermatitis is a chronic story that has intensified over the years. And all because of the passion for dietary supplements and vitamins without the consent of the doctor. Stress has also added its share.

Another star of Comedy Woman, Maria Kravchenko, was faced with the diagnosis already announced here – demodex (subcutaneous tick). The actress did not publish a photo as confirmation, but said that the subcutaneous tick became more active against the background of hormonal changes in the body – during pregnancy. For several years, with varying degrees of success, Maria tried to recover, that is, to achieve remission. She did it.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya: hormonal background

Looking at Elizaveta Boyarskaya, it’s hard to believe that she had skin problems – the actress has repeatedly advertised face care products. At the same time, she assures that the rashes were well known to her – only after the birth of her eldest son, the hormonal background returned to normal and the skin became noticeably better.

The artist is sure that the rule applies to the skin: the less, the better. Boyarskaya has been using the same brand of cream for many years, it is not her style to use multi-stage systems. Only once did the actress decide on peeling – the so-called coral. The impressions are not the most pleasant: the skin seemed to peel off alive, after which Elizabeth swore never to do a peeling. And with three scars on her face that have accompanied her since childhood, she prefers to do nothing. Daughter of Mikhail Boyarsky with both hands for naturalness.

Photo: Globallook, Instagram

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