At sea with a child up to a year – is it worth it

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Most post-Soviet doctors categorically do not recommend taking babies under three years old to the tropics and subtropics. But many mothers take them out … And not even everyone regrets it. Let’s try to collect as many arguments as possible in order to make the right decision for ourselves.

Why are doctors against

The main argument goes like this: babies have not yet debugged their own thermoregulation at all, so they, unlike adults, overheat (get a heat stroke) literally in a matter of minutes. And in the summer in hot countries and it was hot for an adult! But if you plan a sea voyage for April-May, you will find yourself in quite comfortable climatic conditions.

If the child is breastfed, then the issue of intestinal infections is also not in front of you. If you have already introduced complementary foods, then, of course, surprises are possible. You won’t bring a box of canned food with you, will you? And how this is the case on the ground, it is necessary to check in advance.

It is unlikely that you will be able to immediately distinguish on your own what the whims of the baby are connected with: with teething and colic, or with stomatitis and intestinal infection. Surrounded by “unfamiliar” microbes, anything is possible, but your doctor will not be around. This is perhaps the main argument put forward by pediatricians.

Particular attention should be paid to the children’s first aid kit. Pediatricians call the necessary minimum, which is better to always have on hand: antipyretics, adsorbents, simethicone, antiseptics.

time and place

The best option for relaxing with a baby will be countries with a mild climate – the resorts of Russia, Abkhazia, Montenegro, Bulgaria.

Spain and Greece in the spring, maybe nothing. But a flight longer than 4 hours can adversely affect the health of the baby. What parents often mistake for acclimatization is actually the action of viruses and bacteria that build up in the aircraft’s air conditioning system. In 4 hours, they just have time to get to the child’s nose, infiltrate under the mucous membrane and begin to multiply. At best, it will look like a cold.

The best time to travel with a baby is either April-May or September-October.

car, train, plane

We promise to tell you about the features of each of these means of transportation in the very near future. Now you need to take into account that in any option (except for the car), you and your child will find yourself in a crowd of people – at the station or at the airport. Not the case when it is worth giving the baby freedom and independence. On foot, he will not go far, of course (even if he is almost a year old), but leaving him in a wheelchair while you communicate with customs or contact the information desk is still a risk. You will have to hold the baby in your arms. Almost all the time. And this is not very conducive to relaxation.

Packing a suitcase

Paradox: it seems to be quite tiny, but you need to take more things for him than for both parents – clothes, dishes, diapers. And if a bulky stroller can be replaced with a sling, and a crib with a portable bouncer, then there are things that cannot be forgotten in any case.

Here is a sample list of what you need:

  • Baby cosmetics (shampoo, soap, diaper cream)
  • Antibacterial gel and wipes
  • Baby dishes – if the baby is breastfed and is not yet eating complementary foods, one cup will be enough
  • Sterilizer – useful if the child is already eating complementary foods or is bottle-fed
  • Disposable diapers – they will help to avoid embarrassment in front of the hotel management for the mattress spoiled by the baby
  • Baby’s favorite toys
  • Panama, cap, headscarf
  • Children’s inflatable circle around the neck
  • More light children’s clothing made from natural materials

Please note that all children’s sunscreens say: “For children from 1 year.” Because children under one year old should be hidden from the sun much more reliably – at least under clothes.

First aid

Of course, you know that it is better to walk in the tropical and subtropical zones before 10 am and after 4 pm, when the activity of the sun’s rays decreases. The rest of the time the baby is safer to spend in the shade.

Personal hygiene rules will protect against intestinal infections and poisoning. But for this you need to thoroughly wash your hands before eating. And by the way, mother’s breasts washed by the sea are not considered clean. Before you change your mind at all, we hasten to declare that a vacation in the south with the whole family is happiness. So much delight and new emotions will bring the baby his first trip to the beach, the first bath! And parents will have the opportunity not only to replenish the family album with a mass of beautiful photos, but also to relax … In a new format.

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