Atheroma: how to cure and prevent its occurrence

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Alas, not only pimples can cause headaches and bad mood, wen, often appearing on the face, can bring much more trouble and trouble. But you should not panic and get upset, today there are many effective ways to get rid of them. Let’s deal with this issue in more detail.

What is atheroma?

Popularly known as a wen, and in medical circles as a sebaceous gland cyst, atheroma is a rounded tumor-like formation that occurs as a result of blockage of this very sebaceous gland. It can appear anywhere where hair grows, but the scalp and face, especially the cheeks, nasolabial and behind-the-ear folds, and the chin are considered to be the favorite places for the localization of atheroma. Often wen appear on the neck, back, chest and in the groin.

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Initially, atheroma does not bother a person, it is painless, palpable as a small seal under smooth, normal-colored skin. The clogged duct of the sebaceous gland does not allow the secret to come out, therefore, over time, the atheroma grows and can reach the size of a plum or even a chicken egg.

What happens next? There are several outcomes: firstly, the wen can be encapsulated (the shell inside which the secret accumulates is compacted), then the atheroma takes the form of a spherical solid formation, which remains unchanged for years, painless and causes only aesthetic inconvenience.

Secondly, it is possible to attach an infection, then suppuration of the contents of atheroma begins, pain appears, the skin turns red, the body temperature rises. After some time, atheroma can break through on its own with the release of purulent contents and the formation of an ulcer.

And finally, a sebaceous cyst can transform into a malignant formation. Fortunately, this happens extremely rarely.

Reasons for the appearance of wen

Very often, atheroma develops in people suffering from hyperhidrosis (or excessive sweating), oily seborrhea, acne, and hormonal disorders, in particular, diabetes. Blockage of the sebaceous glands becomes possible when the water-fat metabolism in the body is disturbed, in which the composition of the secretion of the sebaceous gland changes, its duct narrows and eventually becomes clogged. The following reasons lead to this process:

  • Failure to comply with basic rules of personal hygiene;
  • Injury to the hair follicles (for example, with improper epilation);
  • The use of low-quality cosmetics, the components of which can clog pores;
  • Excessive consumption of sweet, fatty and starchy foods;
  • Unfavorable ecology: polluted air (construction sites, etc.).

Treatment of atheroma

It is removed surgically and under sterile operating conditions. In no case should you try to open a wen on your own at home, since this threatens with infectious complications, and it is necessary to remove the formation entirely, along with the capsule. What are the correct methods for removing atheroma?

  • Surgical method usually performed under local anesthesia. There are several similar ways to remove atheroma, which differ in the approach to eliminating the contents of the wen: the capsule is either first opened, the contents are cleaned and then removed, or the unopened capsule is removed entirely. At the end of the procedure, the surgeon applies stitches, which are removed after 7-10 days.
  • Radio wave method – high-frequency waves under local anesthesia powerfully heat and then literally evaporate the damaged atheroma tissue, leaving a small wound surface at the site of the procedure. Stitches are not required here, the wound heals very quickly on its own.
  • laser method recognized as the most innovative and gentle to date. Depending on the size of the atheroma, the option of laser photocoagulation is selected: if the wen is not more than half a centimeter in diameter, the beam simply burns it out. And if the size of the formation is about one centimeter or more, the operation begins with opening the atheroma capsule by laser excision, followed by laser treatment of the cavity. There is no need for suturing, as a result of coagulation a small crust remains, after which there are no scars or scars.

There is no conservative treatment for atheroma. The only option is possible when the atheroma is not inflamed, and the aesthetic side of the issue does not bother the patient. In this case, it is sufficient to monitor the state of atheroma in order to track the possible development of the inflammatory process when surgical intervention becomes necessary.

Home first aid kit

Unfortunately, open sources of information are full of folk recipes designed to clear the atheroma cavity from the contents, as they say – to “pull” it out. We strongly recommend not to do this under any circumstances, because the opened atheroma is an open wound, which is an excellent entrance gate for infection. In addition, an unremoved capsule can easily serve as a reservoir for the subsequent accumulation of sebaceous secretion, and the appearance of secondary atheroma is inevitable.

The only sensible and safe home remedy recipe is cleansing herbal teas and tinctures that can help cleanse the body of toxins. Chamomile, celandine, birch buds, aloe juice, wild rose, raspberry, St. John’s wort, sage and hawthorn are suitable for this purpose.

Preventive measures

To prevent the reappearance of atheroma, it is enough to eliminate the causes that can lead to its development. Therefore, we recall once again the simple rules:

  • Try to avoid injury and damage to the hair follicles;
  • Eat right, do not abuse sweet and fatty foods, as well as flour products;
  • Use high-quality cosmetics and be sure to wash it off before going to bed;
  • Do not neglect personal hygiene: a daily shower is necessary for everyone, and even more so for people with problematic and oily skin;
  • Monitor your hormonal levels and control your metabolism.

And most importantly, remember that any disease is much easier to overcome at the very beginning of its development. Therefore, be attentive to yourself and to your precious health.

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