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The name “auto-training” comes from two words: “auto” – self and “training” – training. Auto-training means a technique for teaching a person himself the methods of self-regulation of physical and mental states.

Auto-training includes special exercises aimed at learning to control the muscular system, breathing, imagination, and through them – physical and mental states. Having learned to control our muscular system, we can ensure that in any situation and at our own will we will be able to strain or relax our muscles and through them influence our own psychological states. After all, affects and stresses are almost always accompanied by excessive muscle tension, and if a person manages to relax, then the strength of his emotions also decreases.

A similar effect generates a change in the depth, frequency and rhythm of breathing. When a person is in a state of excitement, his breathing becomes frequent, shallow and uneven. On the contrary, at rest, breathing normalizes and deepens.

Special training in auto-training to voluntarily change the frequency and rhythm of breathing provides the effect of self-regulation. Auto-training as a whole is based on the relationship between the physical states of people, emotions and mental processes.

Imagination also plays a big role here. You can, for example, imagine yourself in a dark cave or in a forest full of predators – and you will become scared. You can imagine yourself in a cozy and warm bed, and this will make you feel comfortable. You can finally imagine that you are on the beach under the rays of the bright, hot summer sun, and you will definitely feel warmer.

Thus, while doing auto-training, you can learn to arbitrarily change your feelings, physical and psychological states, create a certain mood in yourself, fight fatigue, and effectively restore mental strength.

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