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According to Topalov, he regularly did epilation in the armpits with a razor. Unaware that dirt can get into micro-cuts and turn into purulent inflammation. For two weeks in January, the artist underwent two operations and for some time he will be limited in his movements, as prescribed by the doctors.

“I would never have thought: I thought, on the contrary, that it was cleaner, that there was no dirt. My pus is flowing… So, in short, I’m at home. Not much to do. That’s what’s annoying. It’s not like I’m worried about the operation. It pisses me off that I have nothing to do: I can’t do anything special. You can’t move much. Nothing is possible. Apparently, I will get you with my videos, ”Vlad complained to subscribers.

Not just inflammation

It should be noted that hydradenitis (the people still say bough udder) is not an inflammation of the sweat glands, as previously thought. This inflammatory skin disease is only located in the areas where specific apocrine sweat glands are located – mainly in the armpits and in the perineum.

They differ from other sweat glands in that their ducts do not open to the surface of the skin, like the ducts of ordinary (eccrine) sweat glands, but into the mouths of the sebaceous hair follicles. It is this close anatomical location that leads to severe inflammation of all skin structures during the primary change in the function of the sebaceous gland. A similar mechanism of development is observed in acne. Today, hidradenitis is considered as a kind of so-called inverse acne.

Who is at risk?

Risk factors include:

  • skin damage (abrasions, scratches, including those formed after shaving, epilation, diaper rash);

  • endocrine pathology;

  • heredity (more than ⅓ of patients have a close relative suffering from hidradenitis);

  • obesity;

  • smoking.

“Because hidradenitis can look similar to other conditions in the early stages, it’s best to see a board-certified dermatologist right away for a diagnosis. The sooner this step is taken, the less effort will be required for treatment. In the case of hidradenitis, this is very important, the treatment may take more than one month!

Will surgery be required or not? Everything is individual. Much depends on the stage and severity of the process. In the early uncomplicated stages, external antibiotic therapy and / or oral antibiotics are sufficient, based on their anti-inflammatory effect. With insufficient efficiency appoint:

• derivatives of vitamin A to reduce the secretion of sebaceous glands • hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs, • immunocompetent agents.

Are deodorants really that bad?

Without treatment, hidradenitis can continue for a long period with cycles of suppuration and healing in the form of scars. Such a vicious cycle (“healing and scarring”) can lead to the development of hollow channels, they are also called fistulas. Fistulas are often painful and require surgical intervention.

There is a stereotype that deodorants can contribute to clogged follicles. Like, not everyone is equally useful. According to our expert, this question cannot be answered unambiguously.

“Rather, not actually deodorants, but the microtraumas of the skin associated with their use, including those formed after shaving and epilation. But during exacerbations, it is really better to avoid them so as not to cause additional irritation.

No plantain and cabbage

As you know, not all patients rush to the doctor at the first alarming symptoms. Some are ready to try many folk remedies, hoping for recovery. On the Web, you can find recommendations on how to get rid of hydradenitis with plantain leaves, cabbage, aloe, and even curd compresses. Can we hope that they will help? Of course not.

“Being a supporter of evidence-based medicine, I do not advise resorting to such experiments,” our expert explains.

And do not delay visiting a dermatologist to avoid surgery or long-term treatment later.

Photo: vostock-photo, Instagram

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