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To begin with, we will analyze what bags (hernias) under the eyes are. This is a condition that is caused by the development of tissue ptosis in the region of the upper and lower eyelids due to protrusion of intraorbital fat, failure of the circular muscle of the eye and its ligamentous apparatus. The skin of the eyelids weakens early and loses its tone, since the circular muscle of the eye and its ligamentous apparatus daily participate in such natural processes as blinking. Due to the failure of muscles and ligaments, the adipose tissue of the periorbital tissue begins to contour, microcirculation is disturbed, and lymphostasis additionally stretches the skin of the upper and lower eyelids. There are few sebaceous glands in this area, in connection with this, the skin is characterized by increased dryness and aging early. We list the main causes of hernias:

  • heredity;

  • violation of microcirculation, lymph flow;

  • constant stress;

  • hormonal changes;

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system and kidneys;

  • excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation;

  • the structure of the skull, namely the bones that form the eye sockets.

As a rule, the first signs of the presence of hernias of the lower and upper eyelids appear after 35 years, but given the above factors, this problem may occur even earlier.

How to get rid of bags under the eyes without blepharoplasty

And now let’s talk about the main methods of getting rid of hernias. Non-surgical! In the presence of mild swelling, lymphatic drainage is recommended, namely microcurrent therapy. This is a kind of hardware cosmetology. The effect of this procedure is based on the gentle effect that different-frequency current pulses have on the skin, lymphatic system and muscle tissue. Microcurrent therapy stimulates metabolic processes in the skin at the cellular level, improves regeneration, and increases the intensity of lymphatic drainage processes. Regular procedures of microcurrent therapy will be a good prevention of the appearance of hernias.

Mesotherapy may be the next option. mesoeye c71 does a great job of this. It is aimed at the complex restoration of the arterial, venous and lymphatic systems of the periorbital zone. In fact, it restores the density, elasticity of elastin and collagen fibers, eliminates dryness, moisturizes the skin, creating a revitalization effect.

SMAS lifting

Used in cosmetology and ultrasonic SMAS-lifting Altera System (Ultherapy). SMAS-lift involves a deep tissue tightening at the level of the aponeurotic system, which means that it affects not only the skin, but also the muscles.

Deep tissue SMAS lifting includes tightening of subcutaneous fat, mimic muscles, fascia, collagen and elastin fibers. This device has various nozzles, which gives us the opportunity to work out the tissues of even thin and sensitive skin around the eyes. Lifting is performed under ultrasound control – this allows the doctor to accurately determine the depth of tissue and choose the intensity of exposure. This procedure does not require special preparation, it can be done at any time of the year.

Daily home care

Separately, I always want to repeat: protect the area around the eyes from aggressive ultraviolet radiation, use creams designed for the skin around the eyes – daily care is important. And contact the beautician in a timely manner, when it is still quite possible to do without blepharoplasty.


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