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Rita Dakota – liposuction after childbirth

The singer underwent liposuction and tummy tuck a year after the birth of her daughter. Rita honestly said that several reasons contributed to the decision: her hormonal background went astray – because of this, she could not lose weight for a year. Neither dietary restrictions, nor sports, nor hardware procedures helped – absolutely nothing. Plus, a young mother was diagnosed with symphysitis (a strong divergence of the pubic bones during pregnancy – ed.). And ex-husband Vlad Sokolovsky, soon after the divorce, began dating a fitness model. Their joint photos from training upset the singer even more. Finally, an advertising contract with a brand of underwear became the icing on the cake – Dakota realized that she urgently needed to get back in shape, otherwise she would lose an impressive amount of the fee. And she went to a plastic surgeon, who removed excess fat, sculpted her waist and drew the muscles of the press. Dakota was pleased with the result. However, our expert warns: liposuction, abdominoplasty are procedures that require discipline from the patient afterwards. Otherwise, everything will return to normal.

Expert comment

“Abdominoplasty is an operation aimed at eliminating age-related changes, defects, fatty deposits of the anterior abdominal wall, that is, the abdomen. Classical abdominoplasty involves cutting off excess skin, that is, a skin-fat apron. Of course, if you do not follow the diet and lifestyle, then the fat folds can again be deposited and sag. As a rule, patients apply for this operation after childbirth. But women also come before childbirth, who have problems with excess subcutaneous fat.

In order to perform not only abdominoplasty, but also draw a sporty silhouette, you need to perform both abdominoplasty and liposuction. Therefore, it is better to do these operations together, and then you can get incredible results.

Milana Kerzhakova: sport will not help

Liposuction is a fairly popular operation that many stars resort to. So, Dakota decided to have liposuction at the doctor, to whom the blogger Aiza Anokhina first entrusted her body. The latter did not like her thick arms and stomach. As a result, the girl removed excess fat from her arms and abdomen, plus she modeled the shape of her buttocks, increasing their volume. Irina Dubtsova also removed the hated centimeters at the waist with the help of liposuction. More than once resorted to the procedure and the ex-wife of Alexander Kerzhakov Milan. She enlarged her breasts and drew the muscles of the press with the help of liposuction and abdominoplasty. The girl constantly says that in her youth she had many complexes associated with her appearance. Milana has already done a number of operations on her face and body and confidently declares: if you are dissatisfied with something in yourself, change it. Moreover, Milana believes that she would not have received such results only with the help of sports.

We cited a number of girls as an example who could achieve abs and toned shapes through healthy eating and sports, but decided to choose the services of plastic surgeons (and they have every right to do so). Representatives of the mature generation of stars are also not far behind, although they are much more careful in such matters.

Lolita and Rosa Syabitova resorted to this procedure more than once. Lolita, as a woman without complexes, does not hide the fact that the struggle for a slender figure is difficult for her – she loves to eat delicious food and does not like to limit herself in anything. Therefore, liposuction has become an ideal option for her to regain her enviable shape.

TV presenter and matchmaker Rosa Syabitova lost twenty kilograms a few years ago. The co-host of Larisa Guzeeva did not hide the fact that she resorted to the operation. At the same time, she made herself a facelift and enlarged her breasts. Rosa was pleased with the results: she clearly looks younger than her years. But Larisa Guzeeva continues to fight extra pounds with traditional methods: food restrictions and trips to detox clinics from time to time. The TV presenter is still afraid to go under the knife.

Ekaterina Varnava: breast plastic surgery

The girl is credited with a number of plastic surgeries: rhinoplasty, cheekbone modeling, lip contouring and more. The artist herself refers to such conversations with humor. In an interview, she acknowledged only one operation: breast reduction. The girl had to go under the plastic surgeon’s knife twice. Ekaterina did her first mammoplasty in America – unsuccessfully, she had to correct it in Russia.

While some girls dream of breast augmentation, Barnabas from the age of sixteen dreamed of making her smaller. It is not easy to live with the sixth size: an increased load on the back, problems with the selection of underwear and clothes. Plus, along with the breasts, volumes increased in other places, and the future star of Comedy Woman always wanted to be thin, thin. And in the end, she achieved her goal: the 36-year-old star is quite happy with her shape.

Which operation is more difficult: the opinion of the surgeon

“As the classics say, there are no simple operations. So it is in plastic surgery: there are no simple operations. Yes, breast augmentation is one of the simplest procedures, but this is the case when we work with an ideal source: there are no asymmetries in terms of volume, shape, or position. Then yes, I picked up the implant and installed it, everything is fine. But there are many cases when there are nuances: the nuances of the structure, the nature of the skin. As for volume reduction, this operation requires great skills from the surgeon – there are two operations at once: a reduction in breast volume, that is, the removal of most of it, and a lift. In general, such manipulation is more difficult than breast augmentation,” concludes our expert.

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