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Often varicose veins begin with the appearance of small venous stars and meshes. Over time, there are more and more of them, you begin to feel heaviness in your legs, you quickly get tired, in the calf muscles there are convulsions, swelling. Help to deal with this problem foot baths.

Contrast baths for removing varicose veins and large veins on the legs:

To do this, you will need two buckets (basins). Pour hot water into one, cold water into the second. Lower your legs alternately into one or the other bucket.

If there are no suitable containers, just direct a stream of water from the tap to your feet, alternating cold water with hot, but be sure to finish the procedure by dousing with cold water.

7 bath recipes for varicose veins

one. Dissolve 100 g of soda in a liter of hot water and add 35 g of alum. Let the water cool down a little and immerse your feet in it for about 15 minutes. Baths should be taken twice a week.

2. Pour 100 g of marsh cudweed with a liter of hot water, insist for half an hour. Strain the resulting solution, pour into a bath and add 2 tsp. vegetable oil. Take a bath before going to bed for about 20 minutes. The course consists of 10 baths.

3. Pour 10 g of horse chestnut bark, 10 g of chamomile flowers, 10 g of dioecious nettle with a liter of boiling water, leave for about an hour. Then strain and pour into the tub. Take baths daily for half an hour. After the baths, you need to bandage your legs with an elastic bandage.

four. When the disease is accompanied by pain in the legs: 2 tbsp. l. willow bark and 2 tbsp. l. oak bark, pour five liters of boiled water, boil over high heat for five minutes. Cool the decoction to room temperature. Bath time – 20 minutes, preferably before bedtime.

5. To improve blood circulation in the lower extremities, prepare an infusion of 1 tbsp. l. 9% vinegar, five liters of water and 2 tbsp. l. pine buds. Take a bath for 15 minutes before bed.

6. If a varicose veins accompanied by swelling of the lower extremities: 2 tbsp. l. pharmaceutical chamomile and 2 tbsp. l. fill limes with one liter of hot water, boil for 10 minutes. After cooling to room temperature, you can start taking baths.

7. If varicose veins are accompanied by pain in the legs or cramps: boil 200 g of chamomile in 3 liters of water for about 10 minutes. Cool the decoction to room temperature. Bath time – 20 minutes.

2 recipes for baths to eliminate varicose veins accompanied by dermatitis:

one. Pour 50 g of pharmacy chamomile, 50 g of calendula with a liter of boiling water, let it brew for half an hour. Bath time – 20 minutes.

2. Pour 50 g of white willow bark with a liter of boiling water, boil for 15 minutes. As soon as the broth has cooled to room temperature, strain and add 60 g of honey to it. Take these baths for about half an hour before going to bed. Course – 10 days.


Remember that the best remedy for varicose veins is prevention. Even if your legs are perfectly smooth, make sure that vein problems do not arise in the future. To do this, it is enough to give your legs just a few minutes a day, and they will certainly delight you with their beautiful appearance and health for a long time.

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