Beauty and health of a woman: magnesium is normal!

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Beautiful, attractive, slim, smart, wise, funny, charming, sexy… The possibilities of the Russian language are almost inexhaustible when it comes to her – a modern woman. But is it always exceptional?

Unfortunately, about half of the fair sex are deficient in such a valuable substance as magnesium. And this means that the harmonious work of the female body is under threat.

After all, a lack of a mineral leads to metabolic disorders, as a result of which the menstrual cycle goes astray, the ability to conceive decreases, the woman looks tired, pale and swollen. So what can you do to maintain your health and beauty for a long time? Make sure you get enough magnesium!

The unique mineral takes part (as a catalyst) in about 300 biochemical processes. Therefore, its deficiency is associated with a slowdown in metabolic processes, as a result of which we quickly get tired, look exhausted, haggard.

The lack of a valuable substance leads to fluid retention in the body and can affect the condition of the skin, which loses its elasticity and becomes flabby.

As trite as it may seem, the main cause of magnesium deficiency is the modern lifestyle.

The ubiquitous fast food, without which a rare day of a working person does, the use of refined foods, soft filtered water, coffee abuse, smoking, the use of a number of drugs (hormonal contraceptives, diuretics, antibiotics, etc.), chronic stress – these and other realities of everyday life contribute to loss of magnesium and lead to its shortage.

Since magnesium, like many other vital elements, is not synthesized in the body, it is necessary to compensate for its deficiency by eating foods rich in it.

The diet must include: germinated wheat and its bran, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, oatmeal, rice, beans, peas, dried apricots, bananas, greens, cheese, beef and sea fish. In addition, it is necessary to drink mineral waters with a high content of magnesium salts daily.

And so that the valuable mineral is not washed out of the body, you need to stop drinking carbonated and alcoholic drinks, as well as avoid salted foods – chips, dried squid, etc.

However, it is not always possible to cope with a magnesium deficiency through dieting, since a dynamic life rhythm often disrupts the diet. Therefore, in case of insufficiency of an important substance in the body, it is recommended to take courses of special means that compensate for the lack of magnesium.

In particular, the use of the combined preparation Magne B6 allows you to optimally quickly compensate for the deficiency of a valuable mineral. Due to the fact that the product contains vitamin B6, the speed and efficiency of magnesium absorption is greatly enhanced.

And since the drug is available in the form of tablets and drinking ampoules, this makes it possible in each case to choose a form convenient for taking.

When the magnesium content in the body is restored, you no longer have to fear that your beauty will fade early. After all, a valuable substance is rightfully considered a truly feminine mineral that cares about the excellent well-being and magnificent appearance of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

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