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Remember how in childhood in the spring we happily chewed green leaves of rabbit cabbage or sorrel, and a little later – unripe gooseberries and unripe apples. At that time, we still did not know how to listen to our body, but this was not necessary – he himself told us where to take something that was missing. Even now, as adults, we do not particularly pay attention to those alarming signs that our body, deprived of vital substances, sends. It’s a pity. After all, now there are so many, in addition to natural, all kinds of synthetic vitamins that can make up for any “deficiencies”.

If we take the history of the origin of vitamins, then this term was first introduced back in 1912. But since their nature was still unknown at that time, they began to be called simply letters of the Latin alphabet. In total, more than 20 vitamins are now known, but some of them are either not formed at all in the body, or are formed in insufficient quantities. So how does the body replenish their supply? And most vitamins can and should be supplied daily to our body from the outside – with the help of multivitamins.

Nowadays, it has become possible to obtain all the vitamins that exist in nature through synthesis. Moreover, such vitamins are no different from natural ones. And their impact on the body is the same as the action of natural vitamins. Ordinary dragees, which many of us have known since childhood, are obtained by adding sugar, starch, chalk to the vitamin base, because the proportion of vitamins in these balls is so small that it is technologically impossible to make them without adding these components. In addition, these additives improve the taste of the dragee.

All multivitamin preparations are covered with a protective shell, which provides them with a long shelf life. Such a shell is made from natural resins, sugar syrup, gelatin, molasses and other edible ingredients. For the preparation of vitamins, all kinds of permitted food additives are also used that cannot harm our body.

Now that we have become a little familiar with the method of making multivitamins, it makes sense to get acquainted in more detail with each drug individually and its vitamin composition. When choosing a complex to your taste, pay attention to the content of essential minerals in a particular preparation in the form of macro- and microelements. And to make it clearer to you, let’s say that many drugs contain, in addition to the vitamins themselves, minerals and amino acids.

So, if your body lacks a vitamin BUT – it is also called the “beauty vitamin” (your skin is flaky, your nails are fading), – then buy Vitrum, Maternu, Oligovit. They have the highest content of this vitamin and also a good selection of minerals. If you have causeless irritability, anemia appear and sleep is disturbed – it means that your body lacks a vitamin AT. And then you have to take Beroccu, Stressstabs. In addition, the first preparation also contains such minerals necessary for the body as calcium and magnesium, and the second – copper and zinc.

If you have weakness, drowsiness, pain in the calf muscles, bleeding gums, then you do not have enough vitamin FROMand therefore the use of the same drug beroccaas well as Supradina Rosh and multivitamin Upsavita will come in very handy.

When you complain about poor sleep, lethargy, lower back pain, then your body signals a lack of vitamin D. Which means you need Oligovitwhich also contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, fluorine.

The most unique of all vitamins is vitamin E, as it is rare to find people suffering from a lack of this vitamin, because it is found in many foods. And yet, if there are such people who lack the so-called vitamin “for family happiness” (reduced sperm motility, poor pregnancy), then you will need Vitrum, Centrum, Materna.

And finally if you have poor blood clotting and wounds heal poorly, then you need a vitamin Tomain fighter against bleeding. And it is found in large doses only in Vitrume and Centrum (As you can see, these two drugs are simply universal).

A drug like Mega Vite, suitable for everyone, regardless of age, including children, pregnant and lactating women. It is indicated for stress and overload. But Polivit Elite restores the need for almost all vitamins and trace elements. In addition, it stimulates the immune system, which is what we need now. For the population of large cities, a complex of vitamins containing selenium is relevant, which neutralizes substances formed under the influence of harmful external factors. In this regard, we can recommend Triovit. But Captured Oops It is remarkable that it is suitable for people suffering from diabetes.

After we figured out the purpose of most multivitamins presented in modern Russian pharmaceuticals, it is natural to draw your attention to acceptable doses. In the specialized literature, you can read that extra-large doses of vitamins are useful. However, scientists do not confirm this fact.

One tablet is enough to make up for the daily dose of the body. In overdose, different vitamins act differently. For example, vitamins C, E do not harm the body even in dosages that exceed the daily dose by a hundred times! But vitamins A and D should be treated more carefully. These drugs are prescribed by a doctor’s prescription. Remember that the independent use of large doses of vitamins can lead to undesirable and even dangerous consequences. As they say, everything is good in moderation.

And finally, I would like to give you some helpful tips:

give preference to products that contain a more complete list of vitamins;

choose a drug that matches your age, lifestyle; and try to buy what you need, and not what is cheaper;

imported vitamin preparations are superior in many quality indicators to domestic ones, but this is not a mandatory indicator of high quality.

Nadezhda SUBCHEVA, pharmacist.

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