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Water performs many functions in our body. The adult body is 60% water, so H2O is a perfectly legitimate building block for our cells. All biochemical processes and transformations are carried out in the aquatic environment, water is the reactor of our life. Nutrients in the process of digestion of food dissolve all in the same water, with water, waste products are excreted from the body.

Water, evaporating from the surface of the body, naturally regulates body temperature. For the first nine months, the human body essentially lives in water.

Many diseases can be avoided simply by regulating the amount of water in your body. The nerve impulses that the body gives when it lacks moisture are similar to hunger signals. And often when we are thirsty, we eat. And this leads to obesity. It is enough to drink a glass of water before meals and then the amount of food you consume will noticeably decrease.

You can always judge a person’s health by the color and condition of the skin. With a lack of moisture in the body, the skin dries up like a sponge in the first place. Unpleasant “bumps”, pimples, peeling appear, caused by drying out. And we rush to the stores to buy the latest advances in cosmetology, spend a lot of money, being not quite sure of the effectiveness of these miracle creams and balms.

But the solution to the problem is at hand – it is enough to drink 1.5 – 2 liters of water daily (in addition to juices, coffee and tea) and then the skin will not lose its freshness and velvety.

With such a competent use of water, it is necessary to think about its purity. Active chlorine, organic impurities, heavy metals contained in tap water can ruin all the beauty! Get rid of chlorine and other pollutants in your home with an Aquaphor water filter.

They are different – pitcher type, faucet filters, stationary filters, embedded in water mains. The result of their use in any case is pure water, in which you can be sure. To live, you have to drink, and to drink, you need to filter!

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