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Each of us wants to look like a woman self-sufficient, balanced, full of self-esteem, and, of course, beautiful. We work hard to be like that. But all this cannot be obtained without knowing the basics of proper nutrition, without observing its main principles. Because health and beauty begin in the stomach.

If we trace the change in the female silhouette over the centuries, we can see that there is always a proportion between vertical and horizontal dimensions.

Venus de Milo has a bust of -94 cm, a waist of 66 cm, and hips of 96 cm, when compared with the modern standard of beauty 90-60-90, it becomes obvious that not so serious changes have occurred over the 22nd century. Of course, it is difficult to model all women according to one template, but fashion still remains the dictator of our time. What to do if the dimensions in centimeters and kilograms do not correspond to the standard?

It is a great consolation for every woman to know that there are not only slender blondes in the world who get up early every day, go to the gym, then run an international commercial bank all day, while looking perfect and their mascara is not smeared. Of course no. About 50% of the population of European countries are overweight. Many of us dream of losing weight. But losing weight for the sake of losing weight is a delusion. You have to put your health first. That means learning how to eat right.

The main rule is to always eat regularly, always at the same time, do not snack during breaks, avoid sweets and cakes.

Different foods affect the two main processes of metabolism and energy in different ways: some of them stimulate the production of energy and, accordingly, increase vitality. Others stimulate restoration and construction processes. What is it connected with?

Products of the first kind can be called ergotropic, and products of the second – trophotropic. Ergotropic are products that irritate the nerve centers that are responsible for generating the energy necessary for wakefulness. Pronounced ergotropic foods are:

Trophotropic foods are foods that irritate the regulatory centers responsible for the course of restoration and construction processes.

To reduce weight, it is desirable to prefer ergotropic foods. Competently compiling your menu, you can rebuild your body to the “harmony” mode.

The next principle is peace. You can’t be nervous at the table, you don’t need to read newspapers and books or talk on the phone. Good mood and calmness should reign at the table.

Learn relaxation and relaxation, the ability to breathe properly and get rid of muscle clamps, a significant part of stressful experiences is almost always associated with excessive overstrain of certain muscle groups. Muscle relaxation not only releases suppressed energy and improves well-being, but also has a calming effect on the emotional sphere of a person . Learn to use vivid images and then mental stress toxins will leave your body much easier. Fill your body and mind with fresh energy. Create mental images of attractive landscapes, recharge from them with invigorating energy, it dissolves stress and fatigue.

Food should be tasty and varied. A healthy person does not need to exclude anything from his menu, preferably four meals a day. In no case do not eat before bedtime, the last time you need to eat at 19 o’clock. So that the skin is not rough and dry, does not have a painful pale color, vitamins must be included in the diet, and it is better not in tablets, but in vegetables and fruits. Very often, the cause of immoderate fullness is the improper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, this can be manifested by constipation. Rash and acne appear on the face and body, especially people who lead a sedentary lifestyle suffer from constipation.

To avoid this, dear women, you need to drink a glass of milk or water 20 minutes before breakfast, you can soak a few pieces of prunes, spread them with honey and eat before breakfast. This is very useful – prunes and honey contain a large amount of vitamins. You need to try to move more, walk, do gymnastics, not only in the morning, but also in the afternoon.

Eat as little sweets as possible. Bread should be stale, coarse. But apples can be eaten without restrictions, you can eat an apple before going to bed. If you eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly, you will need much less food (this also makes bowel movements easier). It is important!

Of great importance in nutrition is the observance of the correct ratios between proteins and vitamins.

Chronic lack of protein in the diet quickly leads to the appearance of early signs of aging: the skin loses its elasticity, becomes dry and flabby, premature wrinkles form, and lethargy appears. Protein deficiency is also detrimental to hair. Why is this happening?

Hair is built from sparingly soluble proteins – keratins. With insufficient intake of protein in the body, hair grows poorly, thins out. Excellent sources of complete protein are many animal products: milk, cottage cheese, cheese, eggs, meat, fish. Protein is also found in plant products, but its nutritional quality is lower.

The color and condition of the skin depends on the presence of vegetables, fruits, mineral salts in your menu. It is recommended, depending on the season, to drink a decoction of carrots, parsley, spinach, cauliflower.

And the last thing I would like to say: with age, it becomes more and more important for a woman to follow the principles of a healthy diet. Don’t forget about it!

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