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The desire to be beautiful is inherent in women at any age. As children, we spin for a long time in front of the mirror, trying on mother’s shoes and clumsily circling children’s lips with lipstick. Getting older, year by year, striving for beauty, we begin to spend more and more time at the very mirror in front of which we so carelessly built funny faces to our reflection, not caring at all that new wrinkles will appear from this. More and more efforts have to be made to ensure that the skin is as smooth and velvety as in childhood, and the hair shines and shimmers in the sun. Sometimes more and more new cosmetics are used, but there is still no desired effect …

Very often in the fight against dry or excessively oily skin, with peeling and cracks, acne, split ends and dull hair, we often forget that all these and many other problems can be associated with one single reason – hypovitaminosis.

Hypovitaminosis is a deficiency in the body of one or another organism, and maybe several at once. Discovered back in 1880 by the Russian scientist N.I. Lunin, they still have not lost their relevance for human health. These “amines of life” contained in food are also vital for the normal functioning of the human body, like water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and trace elements.

And although vitamins themselves do not supply a person with energy and nutrients, but without their “control” it simply becomes impossible for the normal functioning of the body as a whole.

Let’s try to consider the importance of vitamins not for health in general, but only for the beauty of the skin and hair. After all it is with the loss of vitamins and water that the skin becomes rough, dry and easily injured, its color changes. Often the basis of such problems is a violation of the blood supply to the germ layer of the epidermis due to a lack of vitamins, which complicates the process of regeneration – skin renewal.

At the same time, with hypovitaminosis, the formation of elastic and collagen fibers, which are nothing more than the basis of the skin, is sharply reduced, which is why it loses its firmness and elasticity. The processes described above, in their essence, can be called more precisely – premature aging of the skin.

What vitamins are the main defenders of youth and beauty?

Vitamin A or retinol. Being an important link in metabolic processes, it prevents dryness, flaking of the skin and mucous membranes, normalizing the functioning of the sebaceous and sweat glands. The skin becomes soft and elastic due to an increase in its structure of collagen and elastin, formed with the participation of vitamin A.

Retinol is one of the main fighters against aging and wrinkles, it speeds up the process of exfoliating old, dying skin cells and replacing them with new ones. This vitamin is also essential for strong, healthy nails. With its deficiency, the protective function of the epithelium deteriorates, the barrier against pathogenic microbes weakens, and therefore, in addition to cosmetic problems, skin diseases can also occur.

Vitamin B group. With their deficiency, the skin is affected, the mucous membranes of the mouth and eyes become inflamed, and the work of the sebaceous glands is disrupted. It is with their shortage that cracks appear in the corners of the mouth (“zaeds”). Unpleasant body odor, recurring herpetic eruptions, hair loss are also signs of hypovitaminosis in group B. Folic acid, which is part of this group of vitamins, ensures healthy skin color. And together with pantothenic and paraaminbenzoic acids, it can prevent graying of hair for a long time.

Vitamin E or tocopherol. What names this vitamin has not acquired since its discovery: both “vitamin of youth” and “vitamin of beauty”. And all because it prevents the formation of wrinkles and aging of the skin, moisturizing it and increasing elasticity. It penetrates well through the skin. And due to its rejuvenating and moisturizing effect, tocopherol is often included in all kinds of creams.

Vitamin C is ascorbic acid. This is an indispensable participant in the formation of all the same collagen fibers, that is, the “building material” for the skin, blood vessels, tissues of internal organs, as well as teeth, bones and gums. With its lack, in addition to dryness and pallor of the skin, its color is disturbed, “spider veins” appear – small hemorrhages under the skin, nails exfoliate. Sometimes acne also indicates hypovitaminosis C.

Vitamin D – Calciferol – also boasts of its popularity. Its formation in the human body occurs under the influence of sunlight, so the lack of this vitamin occurs much more often in winter and autumn.

With its deficiency, in addition to bone fragility and disruption of the heart and nervous system, there may be increased hair loss and brittle nails, and sometimes a skin disease such as weeping eczema. However, be careful with this vitamin. With its excess, serious complications from the kidneys can occur.

Vitamin F – Provides healthy skin and hair, preventing their dullness. It also “fights” against premature aging of the skin, increasing its firmness and elasticity. In addition, vitamin F reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood, acting as a serious barrier to its deposition. This is one of the factors that contribute to weight loss.

Biotin or vitamin H prevents inflammatory processes of the skin, it prevents the appearance of a specific disease of the glands of the skin – seborrhea. It is often included in face and hair care products. This vitamin is an excellent remedy for depression and chronic fatigue.

Vitamin K – Naphthoquinone has a whitening effect. It also helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, and has a beneficial effect on the blood. But the deficiency of this vitamin is usually not associated with a lack of its intake with food, since it is synthesized in large quantities in the body itself, thanks to the work of the normal intestinal microflora.

Vitamin PP – nicotinic acid. The lack of this vitamin leads to a violation of skin elasticity, deterioration of its color and peeling up to the appearance of dermatitis. It is with this that the addition of nicotinic acid to the composition of cosmetic products for facial skin and hair care is connected.


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