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Statistics show that back pain is more common in women than in men. It turns out very disappointing: it’s not enough for ladies to have a lot of “gifts” that female physiology is fraught with, and such a universal organ as the spine demonstrates gender discrimination. But it is arranged the same way for both boys and girls. What is the reason for his deceit?

It is absolutely impossible to find a person with an ideal spine among modern citizens (both men and women), chiropractors “calm” the ladies. All residents of megacities have certain problems with the musculoskeletal system. This is due to the fact that over the past couple of hundred years, such drastic changes have taken place in our lives that a completely different organism is needed for a modern lifestyle.

The human body was created by nature for active physical activity: most of the day it must run, jump and make a lot of other various movements. What do we offer him? Spend most of your time at your desk, at a computer screen, or driving a car. That is, in a sitting position. And this is an extremely non-physiological posture for the spine. By the way, if a person sat down and leaned forward 20-30 degrees, then the lower back experiences pressure up to half a ton. So people of sedentary professions appear in the chiropractor’s office (they are 80 percent of the number of patients), who did not hold anything heavier than a computer “mouse” in their hand, but caused such damage to their spine as if they had been unloading cars for years.

What to do?

Sit as little as possible and move as much as possible. If life still forces you to spend a lot of time in a sitting position, then make this difficult work as easy as possible for your back: get an orthopedic work chair, in no case place the monitor on the corner of the table, buy it in the car a special pillow under the back. And get up every hour, do a little warm-up, at least just walk. If circumstances allow, it would be good to stand with your back to the wall, spreading out as much as possible along it: heels, calf and gluteal muscles, press your lower back to the plane, turn your shoulder blades, lean against the back of your head and stand in this position for a minute or two.

The problem is that in addition to this universal and destructive factor for the human spine, women add something from the arsenal of “lady’s” things that exacerbate the damage done to the back by modern lifestyles. The natural destiny of a woman – to give life to a new person – also brings its own painful touches to this picture. So it turns out that the female back asks for help much more often than the male. Let’s try to figure out what exactly harms a woman’s posture?


A woman, it is pointless to argue with this, a creature is much more tender and vulnerable than a man. The difference in emotions during the day can be colossal – the journey from the peak of bliss to the abyss of sadness takes the fair sex sometimes a couple of minutes. It completely forgets the simple truth that a person is essentially a predator, any stress in which should result in active actions: either in pronounced aggression or in a swift flight. After all

as a result of stress, a focus of excitation appears in the brain, which sends an order to the muscles, prompting them to activity. And in our time, in a stressful situation, it’s not customary to clearly express your emotions: you can’t burst into tears violently, break a couple of office cups, or even throw some heavy object that no one needs in your hearts.

It is imperative to “save face” – and sometimes for women in the literal sense, because carefully applied makeup can collapse from unplanned tears. As a result, the muscle, which received the order to move and was stopped by an effort of will, contracts and remains in a spasmodic state for a long time. Such muscle tension can persist for days and months, and if the stress is chronic, even for years.

Constant muscle tension has an extremely negative effect on the function of the musculoskeletal system. It is especially harmful for the spine that the muscles under stress are excited and contract chaotically, asymmetrically. They randomly “pull apart” the vertebrae, randomly deploy them, block them, infringing on blood vessels and nerves.

What to do?

Relax in every possible way. One of the most effective and enjoyable is sex, walking in the fresh air, playing a variety of sports.


The chest is that expressive external detail that radically distinguishes the female figure from the male. And she makes her considerable contribution to the suffering of the female back. Especially if it has an impressive size. With a magnificent bust, it is extremely difficult to maintain the correct posture, the weight of the chest increases the stoop, takes the shoulders forward, forces them to hunch over, and overloads the muscles. Women with large breasts practically pay for this beauty with problems in the collar zone.

What to do?

It is necessary to do exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the thoracic spine, preventing stoop.


Despite the fact that tall women are now in fashion, many of them, instead of proudly carrying all 180 centimeters given by nature, constantly stoop, bow their heads to their shoulders, lower their shoulders. It starts from the school bench, when, at the age of 12-13, girls discover that over the summer they have outgrown the boys by a whole head. And they have to live with this unpleasant discovery for a whole year – until their classmates experience the teenage growth spurt that nature requires.

What to do?

Straighten up. And to do this is quite simple. Correct posture includes only 3 elements:

keep your chin up so that it is parallel to the ground. Actually, going through life with your head held high is not only physiologically, but also psychologically correct.

watch your shoulders not allowing them to lower and move forward – this triggers the mechanism of pathological subluxation of the ribs in the upper – thoracic spine.

pick up the lower back so that it is slightly bent forward.

These three elements are: arching the lower back, turning the shoulders and proud landing of the head – keep the spine in an ideal position, which is given in anatomical atlases and at the same time the necessary physiological curvature of the spine is observed.

Moreover, it is not necessary to follow all three points at once: it is enough to control only the chin, then the body will reflexively take the correct position.


Alas, the extreme hairpin not only gives the female figure an irresistible charm, but also has an extremely negative effect on the spine. In heels, the load on the lower back increases enormously. Remember what hurt after the first evening spent in heels? Small of the back. Because when the body is “erected on a heel pedestal” in order for it to maintain balance, the lower back has to bend several times more than it should.

In addition, addiction to high heels often leads to deformity of the feet and the formation of so-called “bones” in the area of ​​the big toe. This trouble is nothing more than the result of weakness of certain muscle groups, which arose as a result of infringement of the roots in the lumbosacral region, which leads to a change in the center of gravity due to high heels. Ladies pay for a beautiful heel with their own feet.

What to do?

Do not abuse high-heeled shoes – turn to them only when fate is really decided. In ordinary life, wear heels 3-4 centimeters high. Do not forget about arch supports, do prevention: it is extremely useful to walk barefoot on the grass in summer, as well as at home.


The human musculoskeletal system rests on two main “pillars”: the spine and the pelvis. The pelvis is the foundation on which the entire structure of the human body rests – the spine, shoulder girdle, neck, head. In women, it is also the receptacle for all the organs of the reproductive system, as well as the “universe” that contains the future life. If there are deviations from the ideal in the design of the pelvis or spine, this creates a lot of problems in the female reproductive sphere.

Because everything that is located in the pelvis is permeated with nerves coming out of the spine. And with problems with the spine, the nerves are pinched, the innervation is disturbed and inevitable failures occur in the coordinated work of the body.

Release the nerves from squeezing, and everything will work like clockwork, otherwise it is possible:

– inflammatory gynecological diseases that are not amenable to traditional treatment
– menstrual pain
– infertility of unknown etiology
– miscarriage
– complicated childbirth
– Pain in the back and sacrum during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Pregnancy and childbirth generally place a tremendous physical burden on the female body, which is exacerbated by stress: during pregnancy, the musculoskeletal system begins to rebuild, ligaments and connective tissue become softer. And the nervous system, which is extremely vulnerable at this time, gives chaotic stress signals to the muscles, and with even greater success they “pull apart” the more than usually mobile musculoskeletal system.

After childbirth, the situation is aggravated by the fact that a mother who has not come to her senses with a lot of serious problems in the musculoskeletal system constantly carries a growing baby in her arms every day, overloading the spine that has not had time to recover. By the way, a problematic pelvis may not have the best effect on the intrauterine development of a baby, since the uterus, fixed in the pelvis on elastic ligaments, can occupy an atypical position with a skewed pelvis. Accordingly, the fetus will not be located quite correctly, there may be problems with its blood supply, it may suffer from a lack of oxygen.

What to do?

In the program of preparation for pregnancy, it is imperative to include the item “visiting a chiropractor”. By the way, it is quite possible to pay visits to him during the first months of pregnancy, competent help can seriously help at this crucial time.

How much?

Many people in need of help are afraid to fall into the clutches of a chiropractor: there is an opinion that one has only to look at him and you will continue to go to him all your life.

By the way, this is true. In the same way, a person who has put on good shoes or is accustomed to quality products is unlikely to voluntarily give them up. Because after manual therapy, patients experience tremendous relief, “the back sings,” many of them say. And this is true even if there was no pronounced pain. It’s just that discomfort, not yet clearly realized, still accumulated, and after the session everything fell into place.

Alas, a chiropractor fails to “fix” a person forever. And not because he doesn’t want to. Just so that the problem does not return, it is necessary to radically change the way of life, habits, work, apartment. That is, the external factors in which our life flows. It is unlikely that anyone will decide on this. So, after leaving the doctor, they will start working again. And sooner or later they will bring the situation there.

In order not to bring the situation to serious problems, chiropractors advise to conduct an intensive course of 5-10 sessions annually, and during the year once a month to look at them for a “technical inspection”.

KHICHEV Alexander Mikhailovich,
Physician – consultant
chiropractor at MED4YOU Medical Center.

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