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Bellydance… Pampered odalisques, voluptuous owners of harems, beads rolling on the silk of a dancer’s costume come to mind. The Ancient East. Meanwhile, what today is meant by belly dance only remotely resembles or has almost nothing to do with the real, ancient folklore dance. For the most part, modern Western belly dance is something that has emerged from a fusion of twisted traditions, Hollywood patterns, commercialism, and fantasies about the East. However, the judgmental views of true connoisseurs of oriental history will never prevent us from enjoying the dance, and men from enjoying us dancing. So let’s start.

1. Benefits.

In the 19th century, travelers specially came to the East to admire this dance: the flowing movements of the hands, the incredibly fast swaying of the hips, the whole body, bending in a wave … The dancer masterfully controls her body. She’s really flexible. Complex, fast movements of the pelvic part of the body gradually develop the internal, “deep” muscles of the pelvis, which are difficult to develop with conventional fitness. In addition, such movements activate and normalize blood circulation in this part of the body, and the entire reproductive system begins to work better. Appreciate the significance of this moment for a woman! From training to training, your waist becomes thinner, your abs become stronger, your buttocks become more elastic. Yes, and cellulite is starting to lose ground. But the change in physical appearance is not the main advantage of this dance. A woman dancing bellydance begins to fully accept her nature, becomes more feminine on all levels: energy, hormonal, spiritual. Such is this dance, invented by women for women. Another significant nuance is belly dance – the oldest system that prepares a woman for childbirth.

2. Components.

As a rule, belly dance consists of several basic elements.

Hip movements include:

  • wave: the hips draw a circle, both in the lateral and in the frontal plane,
  • figure eight: the hips outline this figure,
  • twisting: the hips turn as much as possible to the right and left around the axis of the body, the shoulders and knees are motionless.

The chest is performed:

  • waves: a circular movement of the chest in profile draws a circle from top to bottom or from bottom to top in the frontal plane or in the vertical.
  • circles: movements again can take place in different planes, the body can remain motionless or tilt.
  • eights: chest, as well as hips, this figure is described, can be external or internal.
  • arches: the chest makes a half circle through the front or back.
  • twists: with a motionless head and hips, the chest turns to the right and left around the axis of the body.

There are kicks and drops in this dance. A blow is a sharp movement with maximum amplitude and tense muscles, a reset usually follows after a blow, the muscles relax. These movements are used in the movements of the hips. There are, for example, hip strikes with twists.

Another basic movement is shaking. There are knee and heel shakes, as well as rocking shakes. In fact, these are fast shaking (up and down movements) with certain parts of the body, at a very high speed. For example, lateral shaking is performed as follows: we stand straight, legs are foot-width apart, knees are relaxed and slightly bent, buttocks are retracted. We straighten the legs so that the thigh makes a small kick to the side.

Today, belly dancers can use sabers, candles, scarves, and even candelabra! The cane can balance on the head, chest, hip, and in the process of dancing. This skill requires a fair amount of skill. You can wrap yourself in a scarf or make it your dance partner. The dance with the candelabra is the oldest of the dances with objects. A huge chandelier is mounted on the dancer’s head. He must remain still throughout the dance!

3. Prejudice.

Are you inspired? Do you already want to wrap yourself in a scarf, dress in a beaded bodice, belt and skirt (traditionally used costume) and amaze everyone with your movements? But the dance seems so difficult…

Drop all doubts, bellydance is a dance for everyone!

Your weight does not interfere with him: very few of the really famous dancers have a perfect body, and the norm for this dance is some pomp.

Your age is also not an obstacle: belly dancing is not a girl’s dance and it is believed that the dancer blossoms with age.

Besides, bellydance doesn’t include complicated acrobaticswhich may not be feasible for people with health problems.

Lack of dance experience? It’s even goodyour perception, like a child’s, will be fresh, and this dance does not require prior preparation.

And the opinion that only those born in the East can truly dance bellydance is nothing more than a prejudice.. Moreover, it is in the East that some of the highly paid dancers are our compatriots.

The fear of appearing awkward is not just your individual fear. Believe me, 99 percent of those who came with you to the group are just as shy of themselves. Yes, and dance teachers were not born with a candelabra on their heads.

4. Learning to dance belly.

You can learn to dance on your own and in dance schools. The advantage of schools, of course, is the presence of a teacher who shows and corrects you. But if you don’t have bellydance schools in your city, or you don’t have the opportunity to attend them, it’s quite possible to learn on your own. On sites dedicated to oriental dance, you can watch performances and lessons online, as well as order cassettes and self-instruction disks. There are also countless schools and groups that teach bellydance, you just have to dig on the Internet, read the forums and choose the right one. If you find a similar group in your fitness club, keep in mind that often what is happening there is aimed at improving physical appearance and working with muscles. Therefore, if you want to delve into the intricacies of real dance, it is better to choose a specialized school.

And in conclusion – the story of Alexandra Chernyshova, a girl who really wanted to dance bellydance:

  • Almost since childhood, I liked to watch girls dancing bellydance. But when you look at them, you are imbued with their perfection and you think that you will never be able to dance like that yourself. At the age of 15, I went on vacation to Egypt. And there I got several times to perform. Something probably stuck in my memory, but I wanted to remember only after 2 years, when a CD with Turkish music fell into my hands.

– Is Turkish music suitable for this type of dance?

  • The fact of the matter is that it’s not, so the next time I went to Egypt, I picked up a bunch of national music there, and that’s when I started to study seriously.

Have you started attending any classes?

  • No, at first I remembered what I saw in Egypt. Then I got videos with lessons and master classes of famous dancers.

(I note that even then, having only self-study in the asset, Alexandra began to participate in dance festivals and perform privately).

– You didn’t study at dance schools at all?

  • No, after a few years I ended up in a school with a famous dancer. Literally after a couple of weeks of training, she began to recommend me to perform on the professional stage.

(Now Sasha is constantly invited to perform solo performances. Bellydance has turned from a hobby into a source of constant income).

  • And not only income, but also an incredible drive. Performing, seeing how you are received, constantly improving – it gives such a boost of energy!

– As an experienced person, tell me, what, besides drive, can belly dance give? And what does he give you personally?

  • Full emancipation. In the process of learning, many internal clamps are removed, the body relaxes, and vital energy begins to circulate more freely. What else? Self-confidence, probably more femininity.

And Sasha makes all her costumes herself. They are stunningly beautiful and intricate to make – some of them are fully beaded!

  • This, by the way, is quite easy. There are no complex patterns or a large number of details in the costumes, the main thing is to have an idea and give free rein to the imagination.

(The ability to make a costume yourself is another plus of this type of dance: you will develop your creative abilities and train your hands (try sewing a kilogram of beads!), And you will save money, because factory costumes are very expensive).

– What place do you think bellydance can take in your future?

Sasha laughs.

  • Huge. Apart from the fact that I make a living performing, I’m going to teach this dance.

Like this. Maybe in a couple of years we will sign up for Sasha at school? And after a couple of weeks of training, she will recommend one of us for the big stage …

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