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The holiday marathon is coming up. How many goodies will have to be prepared for the arrival of guests and how many temptations to overcome during numerous feasts with relatives and friends. Such a marathon is a kind of test even for perfectly healthy people. What can we say about those with any chronic disease? Sometimes a plentiful feast in the most direct sense of death is like … In this case, how can you try to pass this marathon and at the same time not fall out of the race?

Yes, it’s not easy. But if you approach the process of eating food from the point of view of enjoying it, then it will hardly be possible to “shove” a lot of it into yourself. In this regard, diabetics with experience behave most reasonably at the table, who under no circumstances will succumb to the temptation to “eat a piece of cake”, which cannot be said about cores, who often forget about a reasonable diet. As a result (especially if overeating on holidays is systematic), the health of people with heart disease, as a rule, deteriorates sharply – at best, they develop swelling and shortness of breath. In hypertensive patientsdue to excessive passion for alcohol, blood pressure rises sharply, which often leads to a stroke or heart attack.

In chronic cholecystitis and liver diseases it is extremely dangerous to abuse fatty and fried foods, lean on pickled and spicy foods. To exacerbate the disease, such people only need to have a good bite of spicy and smoked dishes once. Well, if you do this (with a wave of your hand at all sorts of medical warnings) throughout the New Year festivities, then you can easily end up in the hospital upon their completion.

In that case, if a person has gallstones, then he needs to be the most reasonable in terms of consumption of festive meat delicacies. First of all, then, in order not to provoke a situation by overeating and eating fatty spicy foods, in which stones can move out of place and jam the bile ducts (in this case, surgery will not be avoided).

Fatty, fried, pickled and salty foods are highly undesirable and people with chronic pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas). As for alcohol, then it should be drunk by them in microscopic doses.

Even if if you are perfectly healthy, you need to take into account that in the festive marathon, the liver, pancreas and intestines still work with loads unusual for them. In order to help them at least to some extent, enzymes such as panzinorm, festal, digestal and others should be taken. In more serious cases associated with gluttony, it is recommended to take Creon and Licrease preparations (they contain the highest amount of enzymes).

To improve bowel activity, it would be nice to take drugs with bifidobacteria, lactobacilli and other beneficial microorganisms (they are sold in pharmacies, and without a prescription). For any of us, whether there are any diseases or not, live yogurts, kefir and other dairy products enriched with bacteria and lactulose will help during New Year’s feasts.

For intestinal storms, do not be afraid to use activated charcoal, alginic acid, simethicone and other misorbent preparations. In the event that in the festive bustle you have to take medicine, then be extremely careful with the use of alcoholic beverages. Because as a result of the resulting explosive mixture, the liver can “explode” downright, not to mention the fact that it can easily blow the roof off.

Well and if you believe in horoscopes, then take the advice of astrologers and pay attention to the part of your body that, in their opinion, needs your help (and not only on New Year’s Eve, but throughout the coming year).

Prepared by Ksenia Uspenskaya.

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