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Cucumbers have long become traditional on our table, and today they are grown almost all year round – they are grown in greenhouses and vegetable gardens, on an industrial scale, or just for their families. It is rare to meet a person who would not like to “crunch on a cucumber” – both adults and children like its fresh taste.

We mainly prepare salads and preparations for the winter, although this is not only a delicious fruit – it is a real medicine and a miracle cure. We will talk about the beneficial properties of cucumbers – or rather, cucumber juice – today.

What’s inside you, pickle?

This fruit mostly consists of water – it contains approximately 93-94%. However, this is not just water in the form we are used to – it is a structured liquid that improves the metabolism of our body.

Due to the “correct” water, many metabolic processes of the body are normalized, optimal water balance is maintained and toxins and poisons that accumulate in our body and do not allow it to work normally are eliminated. Due to the use of cucumber juice, many people improved their digestion and generally increased vitality. Just use the cucumber and its juice correctly.

In addition to water, there are many useful and tasty things in cucumber. It is rich in vitamins of the group of water-soluble substances – these are PP, biotin, group B, it contains ascorbic acid, retinol and tocopherol, although there are not many of them. There are a lot of cucumbers essential oilsdue to which it smells so delicious, as well as tartronic acid – this substance inhibits the processing of carbohydrates and the deposition of fats in our body.

Cucumbers contain a lot of minerals that are usually deficient in the body – these are sulfur and iodine, a lot of silicon and phosphorus, there is iron, calcium and magnesium, chlorine and potassium. When squeezing the juice, almost all minerals pass into the juice, so cucumber juice is a dietary and medicinal product that is accessible to everyone and harmless.

What are the benefits of cucumber juice?

Cucumber juice is very useful to take orally, drink it both in its original form and in a mixture with some components – other juices, fermented milk products or herbs, natural supplements. Juice is useful both for the prevention of certain health problems, and for the correction of existing defects.

If you have digestive problems or problems with heart, pressure jumps, most likely you also have disturbances in the balance of ions – potassium and sodium. Cucumber juice can correct this, as it saturates the body with potassium, while removing excess sodium from the body due to a slight diuretic effect.

Diseases of the heart and blood vessels

Taking cucumber juice can normalize blood pressure. It will slightly increase low pressure, and if you have it elevated, then due to the release of excess water with the kidneys, it will lower it.

The juice will also be useful in coronary heart disease, it will improve the nutrition of the myocardium, the juice improves blood circulation in the brain, digestion, and calms the nerves. With diseases of the heart and kidneys, edema often occurs – cucumber juice will help to cope with them gently and effectively if you drink it half a glass twice a day.

If the myocardium has a tendency to weak contractions, cucumber juice will increase muscle tone if taken in a third of a glass three times a day. Mixed with juice from lettuce leaves, it treats myocarditis, helps recovery after a heart attack and other diseases: you need to mix the juices in equal proportions and drink a full glass in the morning.

Digestive diseases

Juice from bitter cucumbers (and their medicinal properties are much higher) is useful for colic and liver diseases with jaundice, it is usually taken half a glass in the morning and evening. The combination of juice with a spoonful of honey is prescribed as a means of restoring the digestive system after exacerbations of gastritis or peptic ulcer, especially if the acidity of gastric juice is increased.

Taken 100 ml on an empty stomach, cucumber juice will help deal with constipation – especially in pregnant women who should not take laxatives. With persistent constipation, the volume of juice is increased to a glass, honey is added to it – and the course of treatment is extended to three weeks.

Many people experience heartburn after eating, an unpleasant burning sensation in the sternum and loss of appetite. Cucumber juice in combination with other juices (carrot and beetroot) can fight heartburn – they reduce acidity, improve intestinal motility and prevent the backflow of acid into the esophagus. Juices are drunk, alternating them, 30 ml three times a day before meals.

Diseases of other organs

Cucumber juice with honey can help thin and expel sputum with a dry cough, it is taken 3 tablespoons three times a day. Cucumber juice contains a lot of iodine and is useful for thyroid diseases, iodine from the juice is easily absorbed.

With skin problems, cucumber juice, equally mixed with carrot juice, will help. Another recipe for skin beauty is to drink juices of cucumber, lettuce and carrots for about a month, they give the effect of elasticity and firmness. Cucumber with spinach enhances hair growth, helps with rheumatism by removing uric acid.

What to combine cucumber juice with?

When ingested, cucumber juice can be mixed with various other juices – for example, carrot, lettuce, grapefruit, spinach, apple, tomato, currant or even garlic.

Cucumber juice goes well with herbs or kefir, however, initial techniques can greatly weaken intestines due to sludge accumulation. Therefore, start taking with a small portion of juice – from 50 to 100 ml, monitoring the reaction of the body, and gradually reach the full dose.

Cucumber juice externally

The use of juice for skin and hair gives excellent results – it heals minor wounds and abrasions, treats acne, and even helps with baldness. For nail growth, take regular baths with cucumber juice, salt and beer. You can rinse your mouth with cucumber juice for bleeding gums and bad breath.

Lotion of cucumber juice with a spoonful of lemon wipe the face and lighten freckles and dark spotscucumber juice is used after sunburn, with heavy sweating. In cosmetology, in general, cucumber juice is very widely used for the preparation of creams, masks and infusions.

How to make juice

It’s easy – the cucumbers are washed and squeezed with a press or juicer. Cucumber juice is drunk immediately – you can’t store the juice, it quickly deteriorates. Only fresh and young fruits with thin skin are pressed, aged and overripe ones give less juice, and it is tasteless.

Of course, cucumber juice is healthy and can be widely used. However, you need to be careful with him with unstable stools, ulcers and gastritis, with kidney stones or gallbladder, he can provoke seizures. Before using juice therapy, you need to talk with your doctor.

Do you love cucumber juice?

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