Beware of salmonella! 10 delicious dishes that are dangerous to health

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If you are not afraid of ticks, sprayed with repellents and cheerfully fry kebabs, then fry them well! We only lacked intestinal infections during the long weekend.

What is salmonellosis

Salmonellosis is an acute intestinal infection characterized by fever, chills, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and vomiting. Severe forms of salmonellosis can be similar to sepsis and typhoid fever. The incubation period is 12-24 hours. Treatment requires the attention of a specialist and the appointment of antibiotics.

WHO recognizes that salmonellosis in veterinary medicine is extremely difficult to prevent and treat, as the disease quickly adapts to antibiotics, and adult birds can carry the infection without visible signs. Although there are multi-stage preventive procedures in the practice of poultry farmers, there is still no absolute guarantee against contamination of eggs and meat. Therefore, the most dangerous of kebabs is chicken. As well as barbecue wings. So cook all this “without blood.”

It is statistically more likely to catch salmonellosis from eggs from small private farms that do not receive a veterinary certificate before being sold. Alas, the “eco” format does not guarantee quality. And your trip to nature with the purchase of “real village eggs” from your neighbors can end rather sadly. As, by the way, and tasting fresh milk.

How to prevent infection

Salmonella cannot overcome an intact shell, but quickly get inside the egg even with a small crack. That is, any egg must be washed with soap before cooking. But just BEFORE COOKING. Washing eggs in advance is not recommended: you can destroy the protective film on the shell (cuticle) – and salmonella will penetrate through the shell inside. Cracked eggs should never be soft-boiled or poached. The freshness of the product does not matter. Salmonella is quite stable and feels great at a temperature of 7-45 degrees, and in frozen foods they live up to 10 months.

6 Dangerous Restaurant Dishes

You decided not to go on a picnic! Don’t relax. The intention to spend the holidays in restaurants can also go sideways. You didn’t see what eggs you cooked from, for example, this one:


Restaurants rarely serve scrambled eggs fried on both sides, and this is a risk, since the protein and yolk remain slightly raw.

poached eggs

By definition, this dish should be “undercooked”.


According to the classic recipe, tiramisu contains whipped and uncooked proteins and eggs.

Cakes with protein cream

That is, completely raw, whites whipped into a thick foam.


Chefs mix a fresh egg into the pasta.

Adjarian Khachapuri

An egg takes longer to cook than it does to be fried, so it will take 25-30 minutes to cook a safe dish, which basically defeats the purpose of the recipe.

If your stomach hurts

In intestinal infections, the first thing popular wisdom recommends is to give adsorbents. Popular wisdom is not always right. Better to be safe – see a doctor. Salmonella responds well to antibiotic treatment, but all recommendations for taking antibiotics (or treatment without them) occur only on the prescription of a specialist. If the doctor has not prescribed adsorbents along with antibiotics, then you do not prescribe them yourself. These drugs can absorb not only toxins, but also drugs, which reduces the effectiveness of treatment.

If there are symptoms of an intestinal infection, it is necessary to undergo a PCR test for pathogens of acute intestinal infections, including salmonellosis, since the clinical picture can be the same, but the pathogens are different. And the treatment will depend on the pathogen. A comprehensive study is performed within one day. In the future, it is possible to test the blood for the presence of antibodies to salmonellosis.

However, with any intestinal infectious disease, it is worth remembering this:

  • It is necessary to replenish the loss of fluid – drink regularly, at least a little (especially for children, who can even die from dehydration).
  • Now you are on a diet: low-fat and non-spicy broths, and meat and poultry – steamed or well-boiled and pureed.
  • If there is a sick person in the family, the following hygiene rules must be observed: wash hands and dishes with soap as often as possible, treat the toilet room with antiseptics.


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