Biliary dyskinesia: what lies behind this diagnosis

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I once said in an interview: “If you have been diagnosed with biliary dyskinesia, change your doctor.” Roughly, uncompromisingly, as is often the case in interviews. If you write an article yourself, you will rather edit such harsh attacks …

And now I myself am writing an article about dyskinesia, which allegedly does not exist. No, I won’t take back my words. The diagnosis of “biliary dyskinesia” really does not exist. “What then does it hurt in my right hypochondrium?” the reader will ask.

What hurts in the right side

A lot of things can hurt. And at the heart of the pain may be dyskinesia (disturbance of motor functions). No, I’m not confused in the testimony and I’m not laughing at you. There really is no diagnosis of “dyskinesia”, but the pathological process of the same name underlies some diseases.

If we move away from terminological confusion, then we will discuss with the patient not an abstract “dyskinesia”, but the symptoms that bother him: pain, nausea, vomiting, a feeling of heaviness in the upper abdomen, and many others.

Actually, dyskinesia underlies two diseases – acalculous cholecystitis and dysfunction of the sphincter of Oddi.

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Here you can hear from the doctor an unkind word with the opposite message: “there is no stoneless cholecystitis.” However, the European and American Society of Gastroenterology think otherwise. Strictly speaking, cholecystitis is an inflammation of the gallbladder. Its initial cause is often an infection or parasitic invasion (typhus, malaria, salmonellosis, opisthorchiasis). The infectious agent is usually found in acute cholecystitis. Here, pain in the right hypochondrium will be accompanied by fever, “inflammatory” changes in the blood and abnormalities in ultrasound. In the acute period, antibiotics and antiparasitic agents help. But where is the dyskinesia here? She sneaks up unnoticed if acalculous cholecystitis has become chronic.

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