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Scientists are still arguing about biorhythms, and there is no consensus on this yet, but nature itself suggests answers. And if you want to do a lot and be healthy, then you should not force your body to work the way you want due to various circumstances. Sooner or later, he will begin to refuse to follow your instructions, but the changes in him may already be irreversible.

Science has proven that the most favorable time to go to bed is nine to ten o’clock in the evening according to winter time.. For at 22-23 hours there is one of the physiological recessions. You must have noticed: if you didn’t fall asleep by 11 p.m., then at midnight you can hardly do it. Everything is explained simply. At 24.00-1.00 am one of the cycles of increased efficiency falls. However, it is worth staying up to two or three hours – in the morning, working capacity decreases and is not restored for more than a day. Coffee, which night owls sin on, does not at all increase efficiency, but only creates its illusion, forcing the body to turn on additional reserves. But they are not endless.

At five or six in the morning there is the highest physiological rise and, consequently, the highest working capacity. It is no coincidence that the largest number of normal births occurs exactly at five or six in the morning: during childbirth, the body expends maximum energy and muscle strength. If you go to bed between nine and ten in the evening, it is easiest to wake up at four or five in the morning – easier, by the way, than at seven or eight.

Rhythm disturbancework and rest patterns, together with other factors, increase the risk of acquiring coronary heart disease, hypertension, oncological and other diseases.

Now about food. Scientists have found that the feeling of hunger appears at 5-6, 11-12, 16-17, 20-21 hours. Those who stay up late – also at 24-1 o’clock. Try to eliminate the habit of going to bed (especially with a tight bite) after midnight, switch to four meals a day food according to the indicated system, – and you will always have an appetite and claims to the stomach will disappear.

Exactly like this mode largely determines our well-being and mood. And no psychological attitudes, self-control and “pulling oneself in hand” will not help if a person sleeps badly, eats at the wrong time and rapes his body for the sake of ambition, secular conventions or laziness.

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