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Who among us does not dream of good good health? But the life of a modern person is not easy, and when we get sick, we often do not find time to visit a doctor or complete treatment in a hospital. Fortunately, doctors are developing more and more effective and time-consuming treatments that can restore health even in the most difficult cases!

It’s no secret that many diseases require constant medication.

Even the most experienced doctor is sometimes forced to select the patient’s “his” drug, which will bring the best results.

In the process of treatment, the patient has to take one or the other means, and sometimes several drugs at the same time.

Add to this the fact that, according to statistics, 47% of Russians self-medicate.

Admit it, haven’t there been cases in your life when you “prescribed” this or that drug to yourself?

Many people suffering, for example, from headaches, get so used to the constant use of painkillers (which, most often, they themselves have prescribed!), That, once in a hospital bed, they are forced to first undergo a course of cleansing the body of everything than ” fed themselves!

The availability of drugs, the need to take them for a long time, as well as self-medication, often lead to oversaturation with medicines. In addition, each of us has heard about high cholesterol due to malnutrition. In such cases, plasmapheresis comes to the rescue – blood purification.

Plasmapheresis is a modern safe method of treating various diseases, which consists in purifying the blood – that is, the removal of toxic components from it (carriers of the causes of diseases).

Since ancient times, people have intuitively felt the need to purify the blood in certain diseases.

Even 2.5 millennia ago, Hippocrates described the indications and contraindications for bloodletting treatment.

It was believed that this procedure saves people suffering from high blood pressure, varicose veins, “blood stasis.”

Ladies who do not want to age resorted to this procedure for the sake of a rejuvenating effect.

But modern medicine has much more effective and less risky methods of purifying the blood outside the body. The most versatile is therapeutic plasmapheresis.

Plasmapheresis allows you to achieve a significant improvement in the complex treatment of many diseases, We list only the most common:

  • gynecological diseases
  • all types of allergies
  • rheumatism

  • high cholesterol

  • IHD and other heart diseases
  • bronchial asthma

  • bronchitis, pneumonia

  • chronic hepatitis
  • psoriasis

  • diabetes

  • hypertension
  • urticaria, atopic dermatitis

It is worth noting that the effectiveness of the procedure is already manifested immediately during its implementation after completion, and in the long-term period, causing a general improvement in health.

In the process of removing a significant amount of toxins from the bloodstream in the body, the access of oxygen to the tissues is restored, the following occurs:

_** – detoxification of the whole organism,

  • increased immunity,
  • improvement of blood microcirculation,
  • decrease in elevated biochemical parameters.**_

This question is answered by a specialist from the Scandinavian Medical Center, where this method is successfully used, anesthesiologist of the highest qualification category Kuzmin Yury Aleksandrovich:

“A contraindication to plasmapheresis is a violation of blood clotting, as well as gastric ulcer with episodes of bleeding.

I also want to add that before treatment, it is necessary to do tests in order to choose a rational regimen for each patient, as well as to evaluate the expected effect.”

Plasmapheresis procedure is carried out in a day hospital and takes 1.5-3 hours depending on the patient’s condition. An individual filter, disposable instrumentation is used.

You can consult with experts and go through this procedure here:

Scandinavian Medical Center
st. 2nd Cable, 2, building 25
(5 minutes walk from Aviamotornaya metro station)
tel. (495) 788-18-17
mob. 8 (905) 774-17-48
License FSNSZ and SR 77-01-000720

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