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This is a very good theory, kind and almost scientific… However, the body of an alcoholic usually tells you that it’s time to drink, and the body, recently set on a diet, requires french fries at night. So, entering into negotiations with your own body, make sure of its sanity.


Let’s be honest, the body usually requires what it has become accustomed to for many years of interaction with you. I’m used to running in the morning and brushing my teeth – so you won’t be able to get to work without running and brushing. Accustomed to overeat before going to bed – will grumble with his stomach in bed until you feed him. It usually takes 45-60 days of daily practice to replace one habit with another. And it does not always end with our victory. The body resists, gives danger signals, demands …

Sometimes it’s worth listening to. Sometimes it’s not necessary. And sometimes you have to insist on your own and show the body who is the boss here.

Signals to listen to


This could mean:

  • You didn’t sleep much.
  • You sleep only superficial, shallow sleep.
  • You snore in your sleep.

What to do?

Conduct an audit in the bedroom: if any light sources remain active at night (including indicators of the computer or TV), the quality of sleep deteriorates. And install a program on your smartphone that tracks the phases of sleep and turns on the alarm at the most opportune moment to wake up. And about snoring, contact the ENT.


This could mean:

  • You are pregnant.
  • You are anemic.
  • You are just wildly tired.

What to do?

Buy a pregnancy test, take a complete blood count (we are interested in the level of hemoglobin) – and if the data is not alarming, then just sleep: there is no more reliable way for mammals to restore energy.


This could mean:

  • You have PMS.
  • Your eyesight is falling.
  • You tense your neck and back muscles unevenly.

What to do?

If a headache happens once a month and falls on the same days of the cycle, you need to go to the gynecologist and discuss hormonal contraception: properly selected hormones save you from premenstrual migraines.

If the headache comes not before menstruation, but after work, then the best solution is to ask the boss for a chair with armrests and a new monitor.


This could mean:

  • You have entered a plateau while dieting.
  • You have reached your physiological norm.

What to do?

Calculate your body mass index (BMI) using the m/h2 formula – divide your weight in kilograms by the square of your height in meters. It should turn out from 18 to 24. If more, you need to increase physical activity (reducing the calorie content of the diet at the plateau stage is already quite pointless). But too low a BMI can lead to disruption of the ovaries and a decrease in immunity – if the body does not allow you to slide over this line, say “thank you” to it and stop mocking yourself.

Signals you don’t have to listen to


For three months now you have been driving yourself out into the street in the morning and forcing you to run, but the notorious “joy of movement” still does not come, on the contrary: fatigue and longing. This does not mean that sports are bad. This means that you have chosen a “not your” sport or level of load. If the body does not want to run, let it jump, swim, play badminton, have sex … The norm of high physical activity is 45 minutes daily.


If you always want chocolate, do not pay attention. But if the body protests against the background of very intense and, as a rule, urgent mental work, then it is better not to conflict with it. “Chocolate flavonoids are able to accumulate in areas of the brain responsible for learning and memory. They contribute to neurogenesis – the formation of nerve cells. This means that they at least partially neutralize the effect of stress on the brain, ”explains nutritionist Natalia Fadeeva.


At the very least, it means that you have them and are able to feel them. They stretch – and these are microtraumas to which it is easy to adapt. But, according to the idea of ​​nature, pain is a signaling system that calls to reduce the load on the affected organ. So just evaluate if it hurts so much – and reduce (do not reduce) the intensity of the loads in accordance with the intensity of the pain.

Signals to better ignore


Think sensibly: cakes are not found in nature – which means that the need for a cake is clearly not physiological. Rather, it is psychological: you feel bad and you want to have fun in order to compensate. Understand the main thing: if the body is under stress, it means that it is inadequate. Don’t listen to him! Try to relieve stress in some less calorie way: sex, massage, bath with aromatic oils …


A juicy steak, a juicy fruit, a glass of juice… Most likely, your body is mistaken: it is not actually hungry, but thirsty. Drink a glass of water (not juice!), repeat after 10 minutes. After another 10, if the hunger does not recede, you can eat normally.


Typically, this alarm siren turns on in the midst of an aerobic workout or run. And the first thing you want to do is immediately stop running and jumping. In fact, it will be enough to slow down for a while and follow the breath (3 steps inhale – 3 steps exhale).

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