Boyarskaya, Vodianova and other star mothers who did not sit up on maternity leave

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Natalia Vodianova: three weeks

The supermodel and philanthropist became a mother for the fifth time in 2016. And three weeks after giving birth, she was already defiling at the Givenchy show. Vodianova admitted that she could not refuse the invitation of Riccardo Tisci to open the show. Needless to say, the mother of many children looked perfect: a thin waist and the absence of circles under the eyes made the guests of the show whisper admiringly. Would you say that it is not difficult for top models to look perfect after giving birth thanks to genetics? Maybe. But after all, much more attention is riveted to them, therefore, getting into shape as soon as possible is a necessity that requires discipline in this case.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya: a little over a month

The actress took to the stage a little over a month after the birth of her youngest son. Grisha was born on December 5, 2018, and already in mid-January, Boyarskaya played in the play “1926”. Elizabeth got the role of Marina Tsvetaeva. The actress, according to her, wanted to spend the first months exclusively with her son in order to establish a regimen, but she could not refuse such an attractive job. Grandma, dad, nannies stayed with the baby. The daughter of Mikhail Boyarsky had no problems getting back into shape: during pregnancy, Elizabeth watched her weight. In principle, she eats a little: once or twice a day, she says that during rehearsals it’s definitely not up to food. In addition, the actress likes to feel light and mobile.

Christina Asmus: 19 days

The ex-wife of Garik Kharlamov was filmed just 19 days after the birth of her daughter Nastya. And a month later she appeared on stage in the play “Hamlet”. The actress quickly returned to social life: shortly after giving birth, she appeared at one of the premieres, striking those present with a slender figure in a tight-fitting dress. Christina even gave parting words to all women: “Moms, good, smart ones, take care of yourself, your appearance and figure (this is a titanic work), develop, work, and everything will be!”.

Asmus emphasizes: she is not one of those lucky ones who eat and do not get better. Due to her sports past (she was professionally engaged in gymnastics), the actress got used to discipline and self-restraint. For example, Christina can drink only coffee without milk all day, that is, completely limit herself in food. Especially when there are lingerie scenes coming up. The actress does not advise adopting her methods, but believes that this approach is ideal for her: it’s easier not to eat anything than to painfully calculate calories.

Julia Snigir: one month

The actress, a month after the birth of her son, already shone at the award ceremony of the Association of Film and Television Producers of Russia, and then competed for a role in a casting in a historical project. But there was practically no need to fight extra pounds: the chores of caring for a child contributed to losing weight. Father Yevgeny Tsyganov helped with his son: the father of many children has rich experience.

Ksenia Sobchak: 17 days

The TV presenter and ex-presidential candidate of Russia also did not stay on maternity leave: seventeen days after the birth of Plato, she and her ex-husband Maxim Vitorgan had a corporate party. According to a young mother, the best motivation to quickly get out of the decree is a big fee for work. Can not argue! However, Ksenia was not happy with her figure after giving birth, saying that for a long time she could not get rid of a few extra pounds. At the same time, they persistently wrote that the journalist was expecting a child again.

Olga Shelest: three months

The TV presenter became a mother for the second time in August 2015, and three months later she returned to Moscow (she gave birth in New York) to host the Woman of the Year award from Glamor magazine paired with Ivan Urgant. The TV presenter traditionally sprinkled jokes and charged everyone with a good mood. Shelest could not boast of a thin waist – during pregnancy she gained about twenty kilograms. And definitely not upset about it. The young mother immediately tuned in to a gradual weight loss. After the birth of her daughters, Shelest basically changed her nutrition system: she refused milk, processed meat, and sugar. Now the TV presenter looks slimmer than before the birth of children. And he proves by his own example: public people can return to work after the decree even with extra pounds around their waists, because this definitely does not affect their professionalism.

Photo: Instagram; globallookpress; Ekaterina Shirinkina / Goodshapetips

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