Breast cancer: 3 ways to self-examine

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Every woman fears breast cancer. Only now a trip to a mammologist is not always possible. Many people know that you can do an initial breast examination for the presence of a tumor on your own. But how to do it right?

3 stages of self-checking for a tumor in the breast

You should undress, stand in front of the mirror, spread your arms to the sides and carefully examine the breasts. Do not worry about their asymmetry. In most cases, the breasts are not equal in size. However, you should pay attention to whether any other changes have occurred: a change in shape, an increase in veins or the appearance of depressions. Such a check is also carried out with the hands high above the head or on the hips or when bending forward. In this case, you should tighten the muscles of the chest.

It is important to make this check in all these positions, so changes can only be seen in one of them. It is also necessary to check if any changes have occurred in and around the nipples (displacement, retraction, eczema, deformity) and if there is any discharge from the nipples. This check is done by gentle pressure, as when decanting milk.

During bathing, when the hands easily glide over wet skin, one should use the pads of three middle fingers pressed one to the other to probe each breast in a circular motion, and this should be done gently, but thoroughly.

The check is carried out in concentric circles, decreasing towards the nipple, and should cover the entire mammary gland and armpit.

The left chest is checked with the right hand, while the left hand lies on the back of the head. Then with the left hand we check the right chest with the right arm pulled up.

You should lie on the bed, put a pillow under your shoulder on the side of the chest that is currently being tested, and check it with the opposite hand. Check the other breast in the same way. When the pillow is placed under the left shoulder, the left hand is placed behind the head and remains in this position until the left chest is checked.

With the help of three middle fingers of the right hand pressed one to the other, the chest is carefully checked with careful circular movements, trying to probe it as deeply as possible. The check starts each time from the inside of the gland (from the sternum). The circles gradually decrease towards the nipple, and thus the entire chest and armpits are covered with them.

Then they put a pillow under the right shoulder, put the right hand behind the head and begin to check the right chest with the left hand in the same way.

Hardenings that are not palpable in some positions may be found in others, so the breasts should be checked in all three of these ways.The duration of the self-test is about 5 minutes.

Important to remember!!! Most of the changes found in the breast do not indicate the presence of a malignant tumor. But if anything unusual appears, you should consult a doctor.

You can make an appointment with a doctor by phone. 681-23-45.

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