Bright autumn: how to keep the tone in the offseason

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Since our school years, the beginning of autumn has been associated with the loss of many joys and liberties: less heat and sun, shorter days, and weekdays flow, obeying strict discipline … Light autumn sadness does not threaten, perhaps, only those who have planned a vacation for the velvet season and thus prolonging his summer.

However, let’s not exaggerate. Autumn – the favorite time of poets – is full of its charms. We walk through golden parks and squares, try on elegant woolen dresses, fashionable coats, hats, ankle boots, boots, drink hot tea with honey in the evenings, study theater repertoires – what interesting things await us in the new season?

Replenish your piggy bank of autumn secrets of optimism: Goodshapetips will tell you how to keep a bright mood and excellent tone in the off-season!

In order for autumn to become a harmonious, cheerful, happy season for you, you can arrange a “course” of color therapy for yourself – add some bright colors to your interior, wardrobe, make life more eventful with interesting events. So, what color rules for the off-season do the experts offer us?

Yellow rule: more solar details!

Psychologists have proven that women pay more attention to important details than men, they better remember nuances and colors. Use this feature to your advantage: surround yourself with cheerful details in bright yellow-orange colors. An unusual pen or notebook, a keychain or a new mirror – these things will delight you every day, giving you a sunny mood.

Blue rule: more romance!

Modern life is full of fuss and stress, so women love to dream. There is nothing reprehensible in this – it is our way of distracting from reality. Indulge yourself more often with solitude with your favorite book or movie in order to dream about the beautiful, empathizing with the characters. And so that nothing prevents you from relaxing, free these hours from business and turn off the phone.

Red Rule: More New!

Autumn is the time to try something from scratch: something that you have been dreaming about for a long time, but kept putting off. Sign up for a French or Italian course, take up painting, photography, dance or yoga, learn to drive…

Start with trial lessons, and then choose a convenient schedule for yourself. The main thing is not to miss the first month and a half, and then you will get involved and enjoy the lessons. The scope for bright undertakings is open before you!

White rule: more health care!

Unfortunately, we cannot surround ourselves with only positive emotions, so it is important to maintain the health of the nervous system in its daily confrontation with external factors. An indispensable assistant in this matter is the original French drug “Magne B6 forte”.

It contains magnesium, which is vital for the repair of nerve cells and the functioning of the nervous system as a whole.

Who needs this trace element of “good mood”? Us girls! After all, we – vulnerable, fragile, tender, sensitive, emotional – by nature are especially prone to magnesium deficiency. Therefore, the fair sex is recommended to receive “Magne B6 forte” in autumn season.

The drug has an easily digestible formula with vitamin B6, which improves the absorption of magnesium in the body and helps you take care of the health of the nervous system. “Magne B6 forte” will support your inner harmony, self-confidence and positive attitude so that this autumn will be truly bright for you!

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