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Broccoli is one of the most wonderful green vegetables. It has many useful properties. Broccoli is highly nutritious.

Broccoli contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C, PP and others, riboflavin, methionine, choline, thiamine, niacin, folic acid, trace elements: calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, iodine, sulfur, copper, cobalt, boron, zinc, chrome.Protein in it is 2 times more than in white and cauliflower.

One serving of boiled broccoli contains up to 250 micrograms of vitamin K, which is more than twice the daily requirement.Regular consumption of broccoli dishes will help strengthen blood vessels.

Also, foods rich in vitamin K – broccoli, spinach, cereals and vegetable oils – strengthen bones and increase their density. Moreover, it is much more beneficial for the body if these vitamins are ingested with food, and not with vitamin supplements. These products are especially useful for women in the early postmenopausal period.

_This type of cabbage has a healing effect on the lungs and is an excellent prophylactic._The substances contained in broccoli increase the activity of the NRF2 gene, which protects lung cells from damage by toxic substances. The work of this gene is especially important in smokers. This prevents the development of such an ailment as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

_Broccoli helps restore the immune functions of the body and slows down the aging process._Scientists have found a chemical compound in this vegetable called sulforaphane that activates several antioxidant genes and enzymes in immune cells. This prevents free radicals from damaging cells.

Free radicals are by-products of normal body processes. They cause oxidative tissue damage and inflammation processes, which subsequently lead to various diseases. Many experts believe that it is the activity of free radicals that is one of the main causes of aging.

In addition, sulforaphane interacts with the Nrf2 protein, which regulates the antioxidant process in the body, and turns on hundreds of protective and rejuvenating genes and enzymes.

_Broccoli extract is the most reliable protection against skin cancer._Sunburns on the skin are reduced very quickly with the use of broccoli extract. The sulforaphane component, which is part of cabbage, prevents redness and swelling of the skin by an average of 37%.

The effect of broccoli is different from that of sunscreen. Creams usually reflect the sun’s rays and absorb ultraviolet, broccoli extract promotes the production of protective enzymes in the human body that protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Broccoli contains many nutrients that prevent the development of cancer.

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