Carcinophobia: how to get tested for cancer of everything

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Certain types of cancer are indeed preventable through regular screening. Breast cancer can be detected and prevented at an early stage with mammography. Cervical cancer – using a Pap test. Timely colonoscopy protects against colon cancer. And prostate cancer in men is even detected by tumor markers.

Actually, tumor markers have long been loved by cancerophobes and medical businessmen. The former regularly took tests for a large amount and calmed down for a year, the latter just as regularly collected offerings and talked about the benefits of early diagnosis. Until, finally, doctors made it clear that tumor markers are meaningless in the absence of other indications of cancer. Passion wrote about it.

Now there is a new trend – full body scanning. And citizens without a medical education understood this in their own way: you can find cancer in one procedure, no matter where it hides.

Our expert will tell you how informative this procedure is and whether it really helps to detect any cancer in any organ at any stage.

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