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As the English proverb says: “The best of flowers are cabbage flowers.” The birthplace of cauliflower is the island of Cyprus, where it was once discovered by the ancient Romans. In Europe, the beauty – cabbage could not take root for a long time, because it did not give seeds. They were brought from the East and paid big money. Only in the 19th century did a French amateur gardener manage to obtain cauliflower seeds, and after that it became relatively affordable.

Cauliflower is very nutritious. It contains a lot of fiber and several rare sugars – all of which help improve intestinal motility. It contains 5.4% carbohydrates, more than 4% sugars, as well as mineral salts (potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and iron). For example, iron in it is 2 times more than in green peas, peppers, lettuce, and 3 times more than in zucchini and eggplant.

There are a lot of vitamins B1, B2, PP, carotene in cabbage. It is a vegetable rich in vitamin C.. The daily norm of this most important vitamin in winter is contained in 100 grams of raw or 200 grams of boiled cabbage.

In addition – and this is almost a proven fact – cauliflower, like any other, is a prophylactic against cancer.

Due to its structure, cauliflower is absorbed by the body better than all other types of cabbage, and therefore it is especially useful as a dietary food for gastrointestinal diseases, not to mention the daily diet.

Cauliflower can be considered the champion in the content of biotin among the foodstuffs available in the normal diet. Biotin or vitamin H prevents the inflammatory processes of the skin, it prevents the appearance of a specific disease of the skin glands – seborrhea. It is often included in face and hair care products. This vitamin is an excellent remedy for depression and chronic fatigue.

Cauliflower is used mainly for making soups and side dishes, as well as for second courses. If the inflorescences of boiled cabbage are tinted with beetroot juice with the addition of vinegar, the dish will become very beautiful and will be able to please you with a variety of shades on your plate. A classic dish is fried cauliflower, which is served as an independent dish or as a side dish for meat, fish, etc.

It should be remembered that cauliflower is included in the list of potentially dangerous foods seen by mankind in connection with allergies.

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