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Breast cancer ranks third among the causes of death for women in our country after cardiovascular diseases and injuries. Experts say that these figures would not be so tragic if women did not neglect preventive examinations.

It is not yet clear what leads to breast cancer, but some women appear to be high risk groupsget this disease. These include:

However, it should be remembered that 70% of women suffering from breast cancer do not belong to the above risk groups.

Recent studies point to a link between cancer risk and a woman’s diet, obesity, and excess calories. Some studies point to an increased risk of disease as a result of excessive consumption of alcohol and fats.

Signs of breast cancer:

The first sign in 90% of cases is compaction. It should also check carefully, whether the shape of the breast has changed. However, there are other signs that you need to pay attention to during a self-examination:

• change in shape and size;

• expansion and swelling of the veins;

• hardening and thickening;

• notches and tubercles on the skin;

• persistent and persistent itching;

• a feeling of discomfort or pain.

• bloody and colorless discharge;

• rash on or around the nipple;

• retraction of the nipple;

• hardening and thickening.

• swelling in the upper part;

• swelling in the armpits.

It has long been proven that early detection of the disease significantly increases the chances of recovery. Since the results of studies show that the majority of hardenings are found by women during random checks, it becomes clear that regular check is an effective weapon in the fight against breast cancer.

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