Causes of genital itching

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Causes of itching

Itching is a special sensation that occurs due to irritation of nerve endings. But these irritations do not give a feeling of full-fledged pain – only an unpleasant sensation. As a result, I want to scratch the intimate area, which makes it subjectively easier.

There are many reasons for itching in the genital area. More often, itching in women occurs due to the structural features of the body. Its causes should be clarified in each case individually. However, most often this is one of the symptoms of any disease or the result of improper intimate hygiene.

The overwhelming number of cases of itching in the genital area is only a sign of an existing problem, and not an independent disease. Considering the problem from the point of view of medicine, there are 4 main groups of problems that lead to genital itching. So, the first 3 groups are equally valid for both men and women. It can be:

  • external influences of the environment on the genital area – infectionshigh temperature, deficiencyhygiene;
  • pathological processes of internal organs (both the genital area and the whole organism),
  • psychological factors, stress;
  • problems of the female body associated with the peculiarities of anatomy and functioning.

Now let’s talk more about each group.

If the itch comes from outside…

Itching is usually caused genital infectionsresulting from sexual intercourse without a condom, then in addition to itching, other specific symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases will also appear.

In addition, itching can be caused by the ingress of dust or various substances during professional activities (work in dusty areas) or at home (laundry detergents).

Can lead to itching perineum overheating: for example, when wearing synthetic underwear, the skin sweats and may itch. But the most common cause of itching is violation of intimate hygiene: as its insufficiency – rare washing, infrequent change of pads or tampon during menstruationprolonged wearing of panty liners, and excessive activity – douching and washing the vagina, abuse of antibacterial soap, use of various scented pads with balms, etc.

Linen is also important – more precisely, the materials from which it is sewn. Of course, lace and satin are beautiful, but they are completely unhygienic, they irritate the skin and do not allow air to pass through. If you can’t refuse them in any way, choose the most quality linenwith cotton gussets and certified quality.

By the way, going to the pool can also cause itching of the perineum if you don’t shower afterwards and wash yourself thoroughly!


Dysbiosis (or dysbacteriosis) of the vagina occurs as a result of aggressive effects on the microflora of the vagina as a result of douching, frequent change of partners, the use of cheap spermicides and the use of suppositories and means to restore microflora without doctor’s supervision.

Also, dysbiosis occurs as a result of prolonged stress, hypothermia and disease, since the state of the microflora directly depends on the stateimmunity.

Illness and stress

Another reason for the development of painful itching in the genital area is inflammation in the vagina, cervix and internal genital organs, resulting in secretions that irritate the perineum. Itching can be caused by contact of the genitals with urine. Abundant leucorrhea can cause itching with bacterial vaginosis, chronic sluggish inflammation of the vagina.

Itching of the genital area can cause problems in the liver, kidneys and blood-forming organs. For example, one of the symptoms of diabetes is considered painful itching in particularly delicate places. Also, itching can be the first sign of hepatitis, anemia. Some medicines used to treat diseases have side effects in the form of violations of the permanent microflora of the vagina and development of itching.

In the case of chronic stress and nervous experiences, especially impressionable individuals can compensate for their condition by feverish combing of the body, in particular intimate places. Thus, the brain switches from unresolved problems to mechanical occupation.

Age and weight

These factors may also be key in the development of itching. No matter how much a woman would like to hide her true age, the body knows it for sure. Hormonal changes that occur in a woman’s body can significantly affect the condition of the skin and microflora. When there are sharphormonal surges (due to the weakening of the immune defense of the mucous membranes under the action of hormones), candidiasis or vulvovaginitis may develop.

Itching can also bother women who are prone to fullness, there are two reasons for this – overweight women sweat more, including in the perineum. In addition, with completeness, a hormonal deficiency occurs relatively large body weight.

4 more factors that cause itching

Itching sometimes occurs during menstruation, as a result of using inappropriate pads or tampons, or wearing them for too long. When in contact with the skin, they cause irritation.

Mild itching in the perineum can also occur immediately after unprotected intercourse. So the vulva can react to the male secret.

If you are removing unwanted hair in the bikini area, do not be surprised that immediately after the procedure or after a few days you may feel itching in the genital area. Itching appears on sensitive skin as a result of exposure to depilatory products immediately after the procedure, and after a few days if you use a razor.

Sometimes a slight itching in the perineum is one of the signs of pregnancy, as a result of which the hormonal profile changes.

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