Celebrate to your health! 7 tips for a New Year’s feast

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New Year is the time for holidays and a generous multi-day feast. Even many adherents of a healthy diet allow themselves to forget about restrictions, rules and a sense of proportion for a while. Is it possible to find a golden mean between the desire to have a good rest, to treat yourself to goodies, to maintain excellent health? Of course you can if you follow these simple tips:

Meet the holiday with a light appetite

It is not necessary to arrange a swing for the body on December 31: to starve in the morning and afternoon, so that in the evening you will not deny yourself anything at the festive table. It is better to have breakfast and lunch as usual, and three to four hours before the feast, have a light dinner – eat a fruit or a serving of vegetable salad without mayonnaise, a cup of low-fat cottage cheese or a glass of yogurt with whole grain bread.

On a note! A trendy healthy snack is a vegetable smoothie. This drink with pulp is a valuable source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, well satisfies hunger and thirst.

Choose a delicious and healthy menu

Say a resounding “no” to such foods and drinks on the festive table as mayonnaise, sausage, smoked meats, chips, carbonated sweet water and energy drinks. Mushrooms, fatty meats, pickles and marinades, battered or deep-fried dishes are hard to digest. Meat is best baked or stewed, grilled, but not fried. Believe me, if you replace mayonnaise Olivier or herring under a fur coat with vegetable cuts and salads with olive oil, low-fat sour cream or natural unsweetened yogurt without additives, the festive table will not seem empty or insipid to you at all.

On a note! Thinking through the menu or choosing a treat, try to combine fish or meat with vegetables or cereals, but not legumes and potatoes – what you eat is easier and better to digest.

Drink to your health!

The best friend of the long winter holidays will be alkaline mineral water. When compiling a shopping list for a feast, do not forget to include a few bottles of the legendary Borjomi. It will help your body survive the time of immoderate passion for goodies, which becomes a serious stress for digestion and not only. This is also confirmed by dietitians.

So that only pleasant memories remain from a series of holidays, to combat the consequences of a feast, such as a feeling of heaviness, heartburn, and other uncomfortable conditions, it is necessary to drink such mineral water as Borjomi. It is she who, thanks to the unique composition of minerals of volcanic origin, will provide good health to all members of your family and guests of your home. Don’t forget to drink water after a hearty, high-fat meal (holiday treats are often quite heavy) and your body will thank you!

On a note! Cooled alkaline mineral water enhances the motor function of the gastrointestinal tract, and warm – relieves spasms and pain. If you drink mineral water immediately before a meal or in small sips during a meal, the secretion of gastric juice will increase, which is good for digestion.

Taste, don’t eat

We are accustomed to the fact that the festive table should be bursting with treats, even if we know for sure that households and guests cannot cope with such an amount of food. And where there is variety, there are more temptations to taste everything, which means that the probability of overeating is higher. Then it’s worth reminding yourself more often that real ladies eat like birds: taste everything you want, but a little bit, and even by the end of the party you will feel light and cheerful in the morning.

On a note! It is better to start a feast with fresh vegetables and herbs. These foods stimulate digestion and make subsequent meals more comfortable and their digestion faster.

Take breaks from eating

Get distracted by conversations, games, dances and other entertainment in the evening, go out into the fresh air more often, if possible. The break between meals recommended by nutritionists should be from 45 minutes to an hour or more. Your body will take advantage of the break to absorb what you eat and partially burn off the calories. Active recreation will allow you to have a great holiday and not worry about your figure and health! The same recipe will help you on January 1, if you still overeat. There is no need to arrange an exhausting fitness marathon or a total hunger strike – unload yourself with mineral water, fruit and vegetable cuts, and long unhurried walks.

On a note! To figure out if you’re hungry or just eating out, relax and take a few deep breaths. If you feel full, it is better to get up and take a walk or find an interesting conversation partner to take your mind off the plate.

Know the measure in alcohol

If your New Year is unimaginable without champagne or “strong drinks”, then the first recommendation is not to mix alcoholic drinks, but to drink one thing during the entire celebration. It is best to give preference to natural wine of a well-known brand, bought in a store that inspires confidence. And, of course, do not forget about the second and main advice – drink in moderation, without raising the degree, so that the whole holiday remains in a clear mind, sound memory and great shape.

On a note! The traditional New Year’s drink may require slightly breaking the recommendation to drink only one drink during the holiday. In this case, limit yourself to an incomplete glass of fizz, which is customary to raise to the twelfth strike of the chimes, and then drink the strong drink that you usually prefer.

Start the morning after the holiday right

On the festive table and the next morning after the feast, mineral water is needed. Regardless of what you drank and how much, overeat or not, be sure to take care of a bottle of Borjomi in the refrigerator – it will save you from the post-holiday syndrome, and the morning of January 1 will come earlier and easier. For breakfast, it is better to cook something fresh, hot and light: scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, porridge – than to load the stomach with the remnants of a magnificent evening-night meal.

On a note! Your breakfast may well be fruits, which many experts do not advise to complete the festive dinner, so as not to burden digestion even more. Apples, pineapples, tangerines and others like them are good as an independent meal in the company of tea.

Have a light feast and happy holidays!

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