Cervical erosion: is there such a diagnosis?

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The Russian segment of the Internet in matters of medicine is extremely categorical. Here the “Reds” fight to the death with the “Whites”, they do not take prisoners. And this applies to both patient forums and medical ones.

I regularly meet advice: “if the gynecologist offers to treat erosion, then run away from him.” You probably read that “nowhere, except in Russia, the diagnosis of “cervical erosion” does not exist.” We are surrounded! Unscrupulous doctors with commercial diagnoses, mythical diseases in gynecology, there is erosion, but there is pseudo-erosion…

It seems that the right words, however, they do not add clarity, and some of them are frankly harmful, as they create an illusion of well-being in a woman and put her into a state of outright indifference.

Let’s try to systematize our knowledge. The diagnosis of “cervical erosion” really does not exist, but it has not yet been possible to expel this term from the minds. Moreover, this concept is all-age and extra-social. About a couple of times a week at the reception, I hear a question (sometimes even from the most “evidence-based” patients): “How is my erosion?” You can’t just take and remove a phrase from everyday life without replacing it with something more specific.

Under the popular term “cervical erosion” from a medical point of view, they mean several heterogeneous conditions: ectopia, ectropion, dysplasia.

Each of them requires different tactics of observation and treatment.

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