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The main advantage of the sweet cherry over other fruits is that it appears first, while the rest of the fruits are just being formed. Cherry fruits differ from each other in color: yellow, red, dark cherry and, depending on this, in the percentage of sugars and organic acids. For example, the darkest fruits are rich in substances from the group of anthocyanins and carotenoids, which are very useful for atherosclerosis and hypertension.

Summer berry season is the time to use the delicious gifts of nature in order to lose the hated extra pounds without harm to health.

Sweet lovers can easily replace high-calorie sweets and cakes with sweet cherries in desserts. It is tasty, healthy, and most importantly – no harm to the figure in the form of extra centimeters at the waist. Nutritionists advise eating a handful of cherries before your usual meal.. You will notice that the feeling of hunger disappears very quickly and you can easily reduce your usual diet.

Cherry fruits contain organic acids, sugars – up to 1 1.5 percent. Nutrients found in cherries are especially beneficial for children – this is provitamin A, vitamins C and P, group B, nicotinic acid, a lot of phosphorus, calcium and iron. Of the trace elements – iodine, fluorine, chromium, silicon, nickel, cobalt, zinc, copper, manganese. Cherries have significantly more carbohydrates than cherries. It contains pectins, acids with a predominance of malic. And perhaps most importantly, potassium, which is so necessary for our cardiovascular system.

Medicinal properties of cherries

With colds, an infusion of flowers drunk at 0.5 cups a day helps.

A handful of delicious multi-colored berries can be an effective help:

  • in kidney diseases: stimulates their activity;

  • for hypertension: a glass of dark red cherries is a real therapeutic dose;

  • for arthritis, rheumatism and gout: cherry acts as an anesthetic,

  • with intestinal atony, spastic colitis: you can drink concentrated cherry juice (1 tablespoon 3 times a day).

  • with anemia, sweet cherries supply the body with a large amount of iron and vitamins.

For constipation, anemia, violation of digestion processes, juice is consumed in 0.5 cups two to three times a day.

The mask of sweet cherries perfectly tightens pores and has not only astringent, but also a mild cleansing, exfoliating effect.The more acidic the berry is, the more suitable it is for oily skin. And vice versa. So do not be discouraged if you chose sour cherries. “Feed” your skin with it.

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