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Hygiene items

To make it easier for yourself, you should initially distribute the components of the first-aid kit into groups. There should not be a lot of preparations and items – only the most necessary. In case of something serious, self-medication is dangerous, you will need a doctor.

cotton wool

It will be possible to roll flagella from it to gently clean the nose or ears, wipe the face or eyes.

Wet wipes

Must be in the first aid kit and on the changing table. It will be needed to wipe the child’s ass, to wipe the mother’s hands. Napkins should be chosen without fragrances and alcohol.

Nail scissors

Parents with knowledge of the matter say that nails and babies grow surprisingly quickly, the first time will need to be cut in two weeks. Newly-made mothers are often scared, suddenly the baby will twitch! Manufacturers, of course, have provided for this, and therefore special scissors with blunt ends are produced for children. The Pigeon brand is especially praised.

baby cream

Classics of the genre, as they say. The cream will be needed for massage, gymnastics, to lubricate the crusts that appear. There are many manufacturers – for every taste and budget. We think it makes sense to take a cream without perfume fragrances.

Cream for diapers

Needed to avoid diaper rash and irritation – sometimes they are inevitable. Many advise using Bepanten. The same cream is also useful for mom to lubricate the nipples after / before feeding – then you don’t need to wash it off, it is safe for the baby.


What was in the first aid kit of every mother in Soviet times. Now not everyone uses the powder, but just in case, let it be. Maybe you’ll like her in using more diaper cream.

water thermometer

The child can be bathed at a temperature of 37 degrees. Some parents measure the temperature the old fashioned way: by dipping their elbow into the water. But the thermometer, I think, is more reliable.

Drug groups

According to the fashionable metropolitan pediatrician Fyodor Katasonov, there should not be anything superfluous in the first-aid kit. Do not abuse pharmaceutical products – the immune system will cope with a number of infections on its own. For example, antibiotics should only be used as directed by a doctor. Intestinal infection is not treated by them. And if the antibiotic did not help in two days, then there is no point in continuing – you need a doctor. But what exactly should it be?


Here all doctors agree: paracetamol for children and ibuprofen (nurofen). They relieve pain and fever. When to bring down the temperature? If you see that the child is ill and he is clearly in pain. At the same time, you don’t need to wrap the child, but wipe it with water – yes. But definitely not alcohol!


With allergies, an antihistamine should be given immediately. Get cetirizine or levocetirizine, zyrtec in the first-aid kit.

From the stomach

For babies, diarrhea is a big danger, which can lead to dehydration. For example, in the case of rotavirus infection. The point is not to rid the child of diarrhea, but to alleviate his condition. Doctors disagree on this issue. Some advise to have “Regidron”, “Smecta” and “Enterosgel” on hand. And the same Katasonov assures that Regidron is more for adults. And sweet water or the following drink is suitable for a baby: you need to take a spoonful of salt and a spoonful of sugar per liter of water. Drink fractionally, a teaspoonful.


Hydrogen peroxide, which needs to be treated with an umbilical wound before applying brilliant green. Concentration – no more than 3%. Miramistin also belongs to antiseptics. Useful for the treatment of wounds and abrasions – not only for children, but also for adults.


Especially in summer. The tool will help if suddenly the baby is in the sun. It is unlikely that any of us will go on vacation this summer, but nevertheless, the insidious rays of the sun can do their job on the lawn in the park.

What else?

  • Saline. It is necessary for washing the nose before instillation of medicines against the common cold. Babies don’t know how to blow their nose. Knowing this, purchase a nasal aspirator (nozzle pump). Also, to get rid of snot, saline solutions are used – you can rinse or irrigate your nose with them. Remember that the child should not sleep with his mouth open – this is harmful.

  • Gas tubes. A real cure for colic. True, not everyone undertakes to use them (after all, a skill is needed here). But mothers who have suffered with gas formation in babies definitely say thanks to their manufacturers. Most people prefer to fight this scourge with the help of Espumizan L.

  • When teeth are cut. Use chilled teethers, in difficult cases give ibuprofen. Remember that lidocaine gels for gums are banned in the US due to several deaths – out of harm’s way.

We also remind you that the first aid kit should be inaccessible to children. Babies, of course, are unlikely to get to her, but older children sometimes show miracles of resourcefulness, which is fraught.


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