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Dina has always been a successful woman. Success was in everything: fives at school, an honors degree, a successful marriage and a wonderful job. Dina devoted all her time to her work, deciding to postpone the planning of pregnancy and the birth of a child for a while. Career takeoff was not long in coming.

Years passed, the child did not appear, the husband left, unable to withstand the excessive employment of his wife. And something broke in Dean…

This is not a fictional story, but an extract from the patient’s medical history. medical center: “Dina M., 36 years old, diagnosis: chronic fatigue syndrome.”

  • When a person’s work load clearly prevails over rest, when they are not compensated, we can confidently speak of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Unloading from work should be adequate – and this is not only a dream: it is a change of scenery, a change of activity, and good physical unloading. What do we really see?

A person works from morning to evening with a break only for sleep, he simply does not have the opportunity, and sometimes even the desire to adequately restore himself by the next working day.

In such a situation, night sleep does not provide full unloading, the endocrine system (and especially thyroid, adrenal glands) is always in a state of “combat” readiness, and he gets up already with a feeling of fatigue, which remains from yesterday.

This is repeated from day to day, and fatigue, of course, accumulates, and nervous tension increases.

This applies not only to those who hold responsible leadership positions, but in general to all people living in such a regime – as they say, “on the limit.”

  • Yes, as much as you like! When a woman gives all her strength to some activity – be it a career or raising children – and does not ask herself questions about how to recover after all this, we are talking about the risk of developing chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Women who aspire to a career and achieve success are especially dependent on work. The endocrine system of a woman is more subtle, it is designed to ensure the birth of children.

Therefore, in women, a violation of endocrine processes occurs very quickly, which leads to mental and emotional problems in the first place, as well as disorders in the functioning of internal organs.

  • Women, unlike men, react to stress more slowly, to some extent they cope better with it, but this does not go unnoticed.

The female body suffers more from CFS, it is by its nature not designed to withstand huge overloads and wears out much faster.

After all, everything is superimposed on women’s psychology, and sooner or later this dependence becomes a heavy yoke on the hormonal system.

The peculiarity of female nature is that she is called upon to bear, give birth and raise children. And the absence of this natural feeling of motherhood, coupled with colossal workloads, leaves a special imprint.

  • Under the influence of chronic overload, certain diseases, psychosomatic disorders begin to appear. Hereditary predisposition also plays a role here, and chronic diseases are often exacerbated.
  • Quite right. First of all, everything starts with the endocrine system, because it is the main regulatory system of the body.

Adrenals, thyroid, sex glands are those parts of the endocrine system that ensure the normal function of all other organs and create a shock-absorbing cushion between the body and the environment.

How it works is how we react both emotionally and physically. And when our defense fails, it is precisely those most vulnerable “objects” that fall into the zone of what is called a special risk that suffer in the first place.

Someone may have an exacerbation of psoriasis, the development of migraine, arthritis, arrhythmias, hypertensive crisis or even a heart attack. CFS is always somatic problems, that is, diseases of internal organs.

  • We now have the opportunity to comprehensive examination the patient in order to determine the state of his endocrine system, psycho-emotional status, to understand exactly where help is needed and how to provide it correctly.

A double dynamic test for the determination of stress hormones has been introduced into practice, which allows assessing the state of the internal resources of the body, the degree of their depletion.

We do not give magic pills that relieve chronic fatigue, but restore the resources of the most “affected” systems and organs, restore the very “airbag” that failed, and conduct effective anti-stress therapy.

Yes, Dina managed to help us – it turned out that it was not too late. In fact, we have negated the negative effects of long-term chronic stress.

I’ll tell you a secret: now she is preparing to become a mother.

  • We cannot change her lifestyle, and the daily stresses, of course, will not go anywhere. But we can teach her to treat herself more carefully, rationally redistribute the loads and recover properly after them.

As a result – an interest in life, stabilization of family relationships, a successful business or any other business to which a person devotes all his time.

Interviewed by Yulia DAVYDOVA

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