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Cocoa – one of the most favorite drinks for children – has a lot of useful properties. Almost half of cocoa beans consist of a unique valuable oil. It – the only one in nature – has a solid consistency with a melting point close to the temperature of the human body.

Besides, cocoacontains: caffeine, saccharides, minerals, salts, starch, histamine, magnesium, serotonin, polyphenol, tyramine, anandamide, arginine, epicatechin, cocochil.

This drink prolongs life, stimulates mental activity, has an invigorating effect. Cocoa contains a large amount of flavanol, which effectively helps to cope with fatigue and improve brain function. In addition, this substance contributes to the expansion of blood vessels, while increasing blood flow, including in the brain. Thus, morning cocoa helps to quickly wake up and tune in to the working mood.

As a result of research, it turned out that cocoa significantly reduces blood pressure in hypertensive patients. The effect of cocoa consumption is comparable to the effect of treatment, the authors of the study noted.

Amazing properties of cocoa

Regular use reduces the risk of cerebral hemorrhage (by 10%), myocardial infarction, cancer, diabetes. Cocoheal promotes wound healing and reduces the risk of stomach ulcers. Besides cocoa prevents skin aging and smoothes wrinkles.

Cocoa polyphenols protect against arthritis, obesity and other endocrine problems, while flavonoids improve blood circulation. Phenols prevent the deposition of fat on the walls of blood vessels. Cocoa is a good remedy for scurvy.

Biologically active substances in cocoa cause the brain to produce hormones of pleasure, they “create” a feeling of pleasure and reduce pain. A cup of chocolate promotes the synthesis of serotonin, which is responsible for a good mood.

Cocoa is also high in magnesium, a well-known antidepressant. It is magnesium that smoothes the skin of the face, soothes and relaxes the muscles.

The norm of cocoa consumption is 1-3 cups per day. It can cause overstimulation. Some scientists believe that cocoa is addictive. The harm from excessive consumption of this drink has not yet been clarified.

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