Colds: win in 3 days

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Folk wisdom says: “A cured cold is a week, an untreated cold is seven days.” And when you get a runny nose, you quickly drink two bags of Fervex at once, chew aspirin as a prophylaxis, and don’t drink ice-cold mineral water all day long. The cold, offended by inattention, recedes slightly and begins to peck at you in a long-playing way. Outcome: Loud sniffing and irritating cough for a month.

Meanwhile, by prudently combining grandmother’s recipes and the achievements of science, one can even get sick for three days with some pleasure and return to work with the feeling of a winner.

So, we solve problems as they come up.

Problem: Sore throat. The cold is starting.


Do not smoke. At least the first day. Cigarette smoke reduces the activity of respiratory cilia that help eliminate germs. A teaspoon in a glass of warm water or a spoonful of salt and soda and a couple of drops of iodine – gargle at least three times a day, and preferably every hour. Eat Faringosept or Falimint. Drink tea with licorice root. Eat honey: twenty-two of the twenty-four trace elements necessary for our body in its composition.

Problem: Exhausting cough. Damned mines!


Mustard plasters. I would very much like to encourage you with a message like: “Modern mustard plasters are made of soft polymer material and do not cause any discomfort …”. Alas and ah. They still bite and burn, but you won’t cough all night. A less radical remedy is a teaspoon of honey + a teaspoon of butter. Forget banks! According to recent studies, after their use, bruises remain not only on the back, but also on the lining of the lungs – the pleura. This additional trauma only contributes to the spread of infection.

Problem: Stuffy nose.


If there was no Tizin or Galazolin at hand, try two or three drops of beetroot, onion juice or aloe juice. Try to breathe potato steam – according to many doctors, this is the best inhalation option.

Problem: Nasty weakness all over the body.


In the first two days, this problem cannot be radically solved. But if those days, while you feel like a boiled washcloth, you replenish your reserves of vitamin C (citrus fruits, cranberries, apples), your body will be immensely grateful to you and on the third day you will wake up cheerful.

In order of general information:

As soon as you feel the approach of a cold, squeeze the juice from two lemons, mix with honey and drink in one gulp. An equine dose of vitamin C is needed more than ever for your downtrodden body. If you are at home all day and you do not have to communicate – add finely chopped onions to the mixture.

With a runny nose, we constantly breathe through our mouths, and dry mucous membranes are an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, to beat a cold, drink plenty of fluids – up to six to eight glasses a day. Best of all – hot tea with lemon, honey, cranberries or raspberries.
Antibiotics can only be taken as prescribed by a doctor. In addition, viruses quickly adapt to drugs. According to the WHO, they have already become resistant to sulfonamides (biseptol, etazol, norsulfazol, sulfalene, etc.).

Happy recovery!

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