Colon cleansing: 3 comfortable ways

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From the point of view of evidence-based medicine, the body in general, and the gastrointestinal tract in particular, is a self-cleaning system. And she does not need any additional incentives. Moreover, unlike the liver, lungs and skin, the intestines are easier not to clog than to clog and then clean. For controlling what you eat is still somewhat easier than controlling what you breathe.

There are, of course, cases when the intestines need to be cleaned completely – literally to sterility. Usually such a need arises before an operation on the intestines or before a colonoscopy. Then special preparations are prescribed. They are diluted in a large amount of liquid at the rate of 1 liter per 15 kg of weight and drunk at a time, in extreme cases for two. That is, if you weigh, for example, 60 kg, then you need to pour 4 liters into yourself at once. The method is so uncomfortable that for such preparation for a colonoscopy, you have to take a sick leave for 1-2 days.

All other cleaning methods are pure amateur performance, but some are praised.

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