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Many women do not like the onset of dank autumn and icy winter, not only because they have to hide their charms under layered clothes and flaunt a red nose. In the cold, more serious tests await them, namely periodic health problems. One has only to stand at the bus stop for an extra five minutes or sit down on a bench in the autumn park, as after a couple of hours, excruciating pain in the lower abdomen begins to grow. So, you caught your cystitis again…

Cystitis is an extremely common disease. Every second woman suffers from its chronic forms, and probably every inhabitant of our northern latitudes has experienced at least one attack of cystitis in her life. And do not think that this disease is inherent only to dilapidated old women. On the contrary, just young ladies who prefer mini and thin tights in any weather are one of the most potentially dangerous categories.

In the acute period of the disease, it is very important to carry out a full course of antibiotic treatment in order to prevent the disease from becoming chronic. At elevated temperatures, you will have to lie down in bed, warm your legs in warm (but not hot!) Water with a temperature of 32-35 degrees, and put a compress of hot bran or mashed potatoes boiled in a peel on the lower abdomen.

Not only all of the above provoking foods will have to be excluded from food. It is worth sitting on a dairy and plant-based diet. Provide yourself with plenty of drink: tea with milk, compote, mineral water – everything must be warm.

Cystitis is insidious in that it remains forever in the body and is ready to go on an attack again at the first weakening and provocation. If you are prone to frequent bouts of cystitis, you will have to follow a sparing diet all the time, as well as take care of warming the corresponding part of the body. Sometimes even summer swimming or sitting on the grass, on the wet sand of the beach can provoke an attack. What can we say about winter!

Antibiotic treatment, as many people know, is not the best gift for the body. Especially if the attacks become more frequent and courses of antibiotics are carried out more often than once or twice a year. In light of this, the following recipes for alternative treatment of cystitis from old home remedies can be very useful.

Outside of exacerbation, for the prevention of cystitis, you can use an infusion of horsetail:

During an exacerbation, the following remedies will help:

Nadezhda SUBCHEVA, pharmacist.

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