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As an enlightened person, you must know that today one of the most reliable and popular ways to protect against both unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is the use of condoms, which, by the way, are preferred by more than 40 percent of sexually active women. population. They are quite effective, absolutely harmless to health and suitable for various categories of people.

Apparently that’s why there are so many different types of modern condoms on sale today that your eyes just run up. These are ordinary, textured (with rings, circles, pimples, ribs, antennae), contoured (repeating the anatomical shape), flavored (smells of strawberry, peach, cognac, and so on), with spermicidal lubricant (nonoxynol-9 – kills spermatozoa), silicone with attachments for magnification, ultra-sensitive (very thin, but strong), extra strong (thick-skinned), glowing in the dark (due to the addition of a phosphorescent substance), long-lasting (postponing the end of love games), with decorative ornaments (all kinds of animal figures on the tip of the product) .

Abroad, they even invented musical condoms that whistle a certain melody (at the discretion of the buyer) at the very moment when the love game is approaching its logical conclusion. Relatively recently, “talking” condoms have also appeared there, containing a certain set of replicas and phrases with which they either warn the couple about any unforeseen circumstances (for example, if the condom breaks) or sexually whisper pleasant things.

In Russia, condoms are produced by the Bakov and Armavir Rubber Products Plants (by the way, the modern Russian standard for a condom is 178 mm long and 54 mm in diameter). Sufficient quality condoms firms “Durex”, “Innotex”, “Condoms”, “Sico”. The quality of condoms of Indonesian, Chinese, Vietnamese production is somewhat lower.

And now a little more about some of them. So:

By the way, the Durex trademark is on sale not only for Safe Play, but also for three more types of condoms: Elite – for those who are, as it were, in the experimental stage, Extra Safe – creates increased comfort already determined couples, “Classic” – for long-term partners.

By the way, condom certification goes through three mandatory stages. At the first, they evaluate the appearance, see if the product has visible defects, foreign inclusions. In the second stage, the condom is filled with water and checked for leaks. At the third stage, physical and mechanical parameters are checked. Determine them before and after rapid aging, simulating the storage of a condom for five years. A young condom is considered to be less than one year old, and an old condom is considered to be five years old. Interestingly, aging even improves the quality of some products. The reason for this is a kind of “ripening” of rubber. The conditional strength is calculated through the load required to break the ring cut from the condom.

If you want to buy a quality condom is not so difficult. The main thing is to know how and where to choose them.. And, of course, you should buy them, first of all, in pharmacies or, at worst, in pharmacy kiosks, but in no case in commercial stalls and other places where you can easily slip a fake. Further, there are no doubts about those products on which it is marked that they are recommended by WHO. In addition, the barcode of the country of manufacture, batch number must be present on the packaging without fail. As for packages from Europe, they are marked with a special quality mark “CE”.

So, you carefully considered all this and, making sure that you had an exceptionally high-quality product, you bought several packages of the so-called “rubber product No. 2” (as they were called in Soviet times, when we didn’t have any sex at all). In the event that you do not know how they can be used, the packaging will help you, on which there is a very detailed explanation, accompanied not only by text, but also by drawings. But that’s not all. Among other things, you should know that condoms are directly contraindicated in sunlight, high temperature, petroleum jelly, fat-based creams and careless (here, probably, everything is clear) attitude towards them.

And from myself I want to wish you comfort and completeness of sensations!


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