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Constipation is a symptom, rarely an isolated disease, characterized by infrequent (less than once every three days) bowel movements.

Most often, constipation is a consequence of other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: gastritis, cholecystitis, hepatitis. In rare cases, the cause of constipation is a congenital anomaly in the structure of the sigmoid or rectum, weakness of the muscular apparatus of the intestine.

A big role in the development of constipation is our habit of postponing bowel movements for “better times”. Due to the lack of time in the morning, the reluctance to stay long in a public toilet at work, we deliberately increase the intervals between bowel movements.

As a result, the reflex desire for timely emptying of the intestine is dulled. Nerve endings that signal the brain about the need to defecate become dull, lose sensitivity. The intestinal walls are stretched. The urge to empty the bowels occurs less and less.

There are other causes of constipation that lead to occasional constipation. As soon as the factor ceases to act, the problem of constipation disappears. These reasons include:

  • change in the nature of nutrition (diet, hiking, vacation trip)
  • unbalanced nutrition (lack of vegetable fiber, vitamins, cholesterol) and general nutritional deficiency (cachexia)
  • taking certain medications (sorbents, antacids)
  • pregnancy
  • insufficient fluid intake

What is the danger of constipation?

According to American researchers, infrequent bowel movement is a direct risk factor for rectal cancer.

In addition, with prolonged stool retention, the body is gradually poisoned by its own waste products, which begin to be absorbed through the stretched intestinal wall.

Constipation is a complication hemorrhoids, rectal fissures, colitis, proctosigmoiditis megacolon.

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Treatment and prevention of constipation

Stop suppressing your natural bowel movements. Health comes first, even if it means taking a break from work or going to a public restroom. It is best to accustom yourself to a certain time of day for a calm daily natural cleansing of the body.

You should change your eating habits and revise your diet. Enrich your daily menu with vegetables, fruits, do not give up bread, vegetable oil – these products are needed to form a normal stool.

Pay attention to the normal drinking regimen. Sometimes it is enough to accustom yourself to drink a glass of clean water on an empty stomach in the morning for intestinal problems to resolve themselves.

Try to eat fractionally – 5-6 times a day, without overeating and without starving. Good helpers in the fight against constipation can be bran, wholemeal bread, oatmeal, barley, buckwheat porridge.

Do not forget that for regular bowel movements it is necessary to engage in physical education. Physical inactivity is one of the causes of chronic constipation. Do exercises in the morning, get into the habit of walking a stop on your way back from work. Help can be provided by massage of the abdomen, physiotherapy exercises.

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