Contraception after 40: which is right for you?

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Of the unreliability of natural methods, we hope we were able to convince you … But is it possible to start taking birth control pills again? And if not, what can replace them?


In general, the answer is obvious: if you are afraid of pills and do not intend to bring your phobia to a rational level, then there is nothing safer than a condom.

Of course, the husband can rebel. He’s a husband, not a boy! I mean, the erection may not be the same anymore, and the condom only makes it worse. But the issues of his erectile dysfunction should be addressed in a special order. Given the choice between abortion and the technical hitch of putting on a barrier contraceptive, the solution seems obvious.

Plus, as you probably know, polyurethane condoms don’t desensitize at all. So this is a wonderful, non-infringing solution.

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