Contrast showers, green tea and other tricks to help get rid of the consequences of a party

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What is a hangover?

A hangover is a poisoning that the body fights, in principle, on its own. But it’s up to us to help him. After all, there is a whole arsenal of tools available.

In the morning, poisonous breakdown products of alcohol still remain in the body – that’s why we feel bad. What to do? You can wait until they come out naturally. Or use … an enema, the first thing advised by toxicologists. But frankly, few people like to resort to this tool. So let’s list the others.

Biochemical detoxification

Buy succinic acid at the pharmacy. Dissolve one tablet every hour, no more than six in total per day. Of the contraindications – gastritis and high blood pressure. Another option: squeeze the juice of 2-3 lemons and dilute it with boiled water.

Get rid of edema

Alcohol retains water in the body. There is even a common expression “to swell with a hangover.” Edema, in turn, can cause headaches. From a lack of fluid in the vessels, a person feels thirsty (“dry”). To redistribute fluid in the body, not only drinking plenty of water will help, but also a sauna, a contrast shower. Another way is to take a liquid and a diuretic at the same time. The necessary diuretic effect will have watermelon, green tea.

Replenishing salt

But just drinking water is useless, because you will run to the toilet, that is, you will not achieve the desired effect. It is more competent to replenish the supply of salts in the body, for example, drink a glass of cucumber or cabbage pickle. Removal of edema will also help the good old “Aspirin”.

There is a stereotype that the morning after a party is worth causing nausea. Like, the body will immediately feel better.

“The stomach is acidic, and the esophagus is alkaline. Vomiting causes an increase in intra-abdominal pressure and acid enters the esophagus. I do not recommend inducing nausea – this can lead to esophageal disorders (such as gastroesophageal reflux disease). What do I advise? On the eve of drinking absorbents: enterosgel, activated charcoal. Alcohol is a toxin, absorbent drugs absorb these toxins into themselves and remove them from the body. Therefore, “hangover syndrome” is much easier. You also need to know that absorbents do not absorb vitamins and useful trace elements along with toxic substances. That is, they do not deprive the body of the necessary calcium, which is so lacking after drinking alcohol.

Getting ready for the party ahead of time

It is wiser to prepare the body for alcoholic libations and errors in the diet. First, alcohol is absorbed faster on an empty stomach. Therefore, you should not sit down at a generously set table hungry, it is easier to have a bite to eat in advance. And also drink something from absorbents, as already advised above. Remember that activated charcoal is drunk at the rate of a tablet per ten kilograms of weight.

Key recommendations:

  • Do not abuse sweet alcoholic cocktails. Sugar plus alcohol is almost guaranteed to give you a headache in the morning.
  • Drink water with each glass. TV presenter and doctor Elena Malysheva also advises adding ice to alcoholic drinks, because this is also water. The last drink at the party should be water.
  • Alcohol dilates blood vessels, which contributes to headaches. A cup of coffee, Malysheva recalls, will narrow the arteries, helping to get rid of pain.

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