Corporate party! Dress code: no asthma!

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My employee Ira is a very sociable and friendly girl. But she does not come to corporate parties. In our small and cheerful team, this is perplexing.

Somehow on the eve of the next holiday, I, plucking up courage, asked about the reason for such avoidance.

– Yes, I do not avoid. It’s just that I have asthma, and at the corporate party they will definitely smoke, and it won’t do without dancing. And I immediately start to cough in such a difficult situation.

Can you imagine how much “joy” it will bring to me and others?! Yes, I will constantly grab an inhaler. No, apparently such entertainment is not for me, unfortunately.

– Ira, have you passed the Asthma Control Test (ASTTM)?

– Oh, I’ve heard about him, but I don’t really believe it.

– But in vain! He helped my girlfriend a lot, she almost forgot about the inhaler and the seizures do not bother her after the doctor changed her drug therapy.

– And what is this test? Probably, it is necessary to hand over a heap of analyses?

– No tests, everything is very simple – you need to answer 5 questions of the test, calculate the total score, come to your doctor with it, and he will select a therapy that will help control asthma.

If the result of the Test is 25 points, then the goal has been achieved and the disease is under control. If the result is low – less than 20 points, this means that asthma is not controlled. In this case, it is necessary to visit a doctor as soon as possible and discuss the possibility of changing therapy in order to achieve the best possible asthma control.

With a result of 20 to 24 points, it also does not hurt to talk to a doctor – as you can achieve even better control of asthma. So I advise you not to postpone it indefinitely!

Ira passed the Test, went to the doctor with the result, and he helped her choose a more effective drug therapy. She came to a corporate party and danced there so that she won the first prize! But tobacco smoke did not bother her at all, she did not use an inhaler and looked absolutely happy.

The Asthma Control Test (ASTTM) is available to everyone. You can complete the Asthma Control Test (ASTTM) below or take it online.

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