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The nights are getting warmer, the summer holidays will come very soon, which means that we will spend more and more time in the country. It’s time to take care of what should be in the summer first aid kit. After all, it is not always possible to quickly find a working kiosk outside the city where you can buy the necessary drugs. A first aid kit for all occasions will serve well for you and your loved ones.

According to statistics, most often at the beginning of the season, summer residents face injuries. After all, upon arrival, you have to put things in their places, dismantle the shed, dig up the ground – abrasions, scratches, blisters are unlikely to be avoided. Stock up on waterproof plasters, bandages, antiseptic wipes. Iodine and brilliant green in the form of felt-tip pens are very convenient. Hydrogen peroxide can also be useful: it can be used to treat even a fairly deep wound. Antibiotic ointment will help in difficult cases.

Often summer residents are concerned about problems with the stomach and digestion. This happens even with those who try to avoid them in every possible way: they take care of the cleanliness of fruits and vegetables, wash their hands before every meal. The fact is that in the first days the body has to adapt to a new quality of water, different from city tap water and bottled water. Therefore, it is worth putting in the first-aid kit funds that will alleviate the symptoms, while not requiring a doctor’s prescription.

A frequent companion of this adaptation is diarrhea. Imodium® helps a lot with it. It regulates the absorption of salts and water by the intestines (usually a healthy intestine absorbs 99% of water), normalizes the work of its muscles. The primary effect is achieved on average one hour after application, the maximum – after 4-6 hoursone. The tool is almost universal: suitable for adults and children over 6 years old2.

For relatives and friends visiting for the weekend, put Motilium® in the first aid kit. It helps to cope with the heaviness that occurs in the stomach after heavy feasts, often including not only vegetarian dishes, but also barbecue made from fatty meat. It is a pleasure to treat them in the fresh air, it is difficult to notice in time that you have overeaten. A time-tested remedy will relieve the effects of overeating. Motilium® relieves the feeling of fullness in the stomach, discomfort and heaviness in the upper abdomen. Combats bloating, belching, heartburn, nausea and vomiting by restoring upper GI motor function.

With constipation, Microlax® will help. This tool should be preferred to others for several reasons: it has no age limit (doctors recommend it even to pregnant women and newborn children)3works within 5-15 minutesfoursuitable for frequent or long-term use.

Remedies for muscle pain will come in handy: unusual loads in the beds can do their job and chain you to a chair or bed for several days. Painkillers will help with a headache or toothache.

Fresh air, of course, relieves many ailments, but health should not be taken lightly. The first-aid kit should contain a sufficient number of drugs that you take daily – for hypertension, diabetes and other chronic diseases, as well as emergency aid for exacerbations (Corvalol, Validol, inhaler). Pay attention to their expiration dates and storage conditions.

Also, before the start of the summer season, doctors recommend taking care of the prevention of diseases such as tetanus (vaccination provides protection for 5 years) and tick-borne encephalitis in advance, and visit a doctor in advance for vaccination. It is also worth taking a spray or cream that repels insects, an itch reliever, and antihistamines: you never know how the body will react to a particular irritant.

In case of unexpected sun or thermal burns, panthenol in a spray is useful.

Be healthy!

1, 2, 3, 4 According to the instructions for use of the drug


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