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All means are good

Attempts to visually enlarge the breasts of women have always been made. Materials at hand were (and continue to be) used: push-up and rolled up socks under the dress, ruffles and draperies, the inclusion of cabbage in the menu, tops a size smaller, underwear a couple of sizes larger … In 1961, finally. silicone appeared – with it, breast augmentation operations became one of the most popular in the world. This material is recognized as safe for the mammary gland. Various kinds of gels, physiological saline, soybean oil acted as a filler for breast implants. It is the gel and saline that have proven themselves best. These fillers do not cause cancer, allergies, inflammatory reactions.

No one is safe from this.

Nevertheless, from time to time we read in the tabloids news about another buxom beauty, whose breasts suddenly burst during the flight … One cannot help but recall Lera Kudryavtseva, who stunned fans six months ago: the star was urgently removed implants from her chest. One of them was deformed and “leaked” for several years. The TV presenter underwent surgery and warned all women against repeating her mistakes. After 15 years, Kudryavtseva got rid of the implants and does not advise anyone to resort to installing them. Plastic surgeons assure that modern implants are safe, technologies are being improved every year. Honest experts add: yes, deformation is possible, be careful.

Everything has an expiration date

“The implant may burst. Infrequently, but it happens. The reason may be a physical impact. A case from practice: two years after the operation for breast augmentation, the patient, being intoxicated, fell into a pool in which … there was no water. The implant eventually burst, an operation was needed … There is also an expiration date for implants: after about ten years, the implant shell becomes thinner – it corrodes, the contents begin to flow out …

In Europe, America, it is recommended to change implants after ten years. Of course, this can and should be monitored – doing computed tomography, visiting a mammologist, even by touch, sometimes you can determine that the implant is deformed and begins to leak. A similar story, as we know, happened to Lera Kudryavtseva.

Plastic surgery does not stand still: from year to year there is a modernization of the content of implants. Various experiments are being conducted, statistical information is being collected about how the implants behave after the operation, what comments the patients have – all this is done in order to improve the endoprostheses. Breast lipotransfer is also in use, when adipose tissue from one area of ​​the body is transferred to the chest in order to increase it – this is a worthy option for mammoplasty.

What precautions should be taken after surgery? Ka already said above, it is imperative to be observed by a mammographer – a visit once a year, and at least once every three years to do a computed tomography to make sure that everything is in order with the implants. As for sports, ordinary fitness is, of course, allowed, and if we are talking about professional, for example, bodybuilding, which implies a load on the pectoralis major muscle, it is worth remembering that implant deformation is possible. So you have to choose.”

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