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Spicy infections named after the Goddess Venus have been following lovers since ancient times, and if earlier the main headache of unfaithful spouses was syphilis, gonorrhea and pubic lice, in the mid-twentieth century more than thirty new infections of viral and microbial origin joined their ranks.

Until now, such diseases are shameful for many people, and sometimes their presence causes the breakup of married couples and the birth of sick children. So these infections are not only a medical problem, but also a big social problem.

Features of diseases

As we studied the infections that are transmitted through sexual contact, it was found that a lot of quite decent men and women of different ages were infected with them, and many of them did not even know about the carriage of “indecent” diseases until visiting the doctor. Many interesting facts about your health are found out by chance, when examined for completely different reasons.

Today, the most “popular” infections of the intimate series include:

  • bacterial infections gonorrhea and syphilis,
  • viral diseases – human papilloma, HIV and herpes infections,
  • infections in which protozoa are guilty are trichomoniasis, mycoplasmosis and chlamydia,
  • fungal – thrush,
  • caused by insects – pubic lice.

And this is not all of the infections – these are the most famous and common.

About special types of sex

Modern society has become more tolerant of sexual minorities and non-traditional forms of sexual relations, and the work of venereologists has only increased. Many people naively believe that with a non-classical form of intimacy you will not catch venereal diseases, this misconception is especially widespread regarding oral sex.

However, in practice, most infections can be acquired through any type of contact – gonorrhea, syphilis or trichomonads are good everywhere, in all places of the body. With anal forms of relationships, a man can earn urethritis, which is very poorly cured, and a woman can get genital warts, which are then very unpleasant to remove.

What is dangerous?

Such infections cannot go away on their own – as, for example, cold. The fact that the symptoms of the disease disappeared over time can only speak of the transition of the infection to the chronic stage and its spread throughout the body. The sooner you see a doctor and the sooner an accurate diagnosis is made, the more likely you are to solve a delicate problem quickly and without consequences for your and your partner’s health.

In addition to infecting a partner, there is a possibility of acquiring various complications in the form of infertility (female and male), the risk of infecting your baby in the womb and disrupting its development, getting complications during childbirth and giving birth to a sick child. And some of the infections are not curable at all – such as HIV, hepatitis C or herpes.

How do they appear?

Many of the infections of the intimate spectrum can be suspected at an early stage, and it is important not to forget to correlate them with your last sexual contacts (it would be nice to know the sources of infection). The first “calls” will be unusual or abundant secretions from the genital tracttheir specific smell, the appearance of pimples, erosions or sores on the genitals, a feeling of discomfort, burning or pain after sex, painful urination.

The time of onset of symptoms can stretch from one day to almost a month from the moment of contact. However, a number of infections under normal conditions may not manifest themselves at all and for the time being, the flow is hidden. This is dangerous both in terms of the spread of infection, and in terms of further health.

Sometimes the manifestations are so insignificant that they are not paid attention to, starting the disease to a severe stage. In addition, in modern conditions, it is quite likely that a mixed infection will occur from several “sores” that mutually aggravate each other. They can be identified only with a specific laboratory examination.

In addition, even if there are all the typical manifestations of the disease, you still need to take tests – many infections are similar to each other, but they are treated in completely different ways.

STD diagnosis

Usually the reason for the diagnosis is a planned examination before pregnancy, with infertility or the presence of piquant complaints, and doctors today take smears and blood immediately for the entire “bouquet” of the most common infections, since a single infection is detected in no more than a quarter of the “lucky”, for everyone else it is a whole set of diseases.

Before passing the test, it is forbidden to take any medications, otherwise they may blur the picture of the disease or show a false-negative result, then you will have to resort to additional provocative tests to detect infection – this is alcohol, mensesthe introduction of special preparations on the eve of the sampling of biomaterial.

In addition, it is necessary to inform your partner about the need for examination and treatment, because if one of the couple is not cured, the treatment of the second will be useless.

How to treat?

Only at the doctor’s and without any false shame. Treatment on the Internet or self-treatment according to reference books is fraught with health hazards. Based on the results of the analysis and the type of infection, the doctor will select the dosage of drugs depending on the state of health and age, as well as your financial capabilities, which is also important.

But the most important thing in matters of medicine is the prevention of such diseases, and fidelity to a partner in it is not the last measure. In addition, the good old condom has saved more than one family from infection and divorce, but it is necessary to use it for all types of sex, including oral. In case of unprotected dangerous contact, special means for emergency prevention can come to the rescue – these are solutions and sprays with antiseptics, but they do not give a 100% guarantee.

It must be remembered that the stability of relationships and the constancy of a partner, complete with regular visits to the doctor, is a guarantee of intimate health for many years. Diseases of Venus are our “pranks” and our imprudence in choosing partners.

When was the last time you checked with a gynecologist?

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