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Now you are so young, beautiful and healthy that you can afford anything you want, including careless liberties in relation to your body in the form of sleepless nights, excessive consumption of strong drinks, cosmetics not washed off at night, and so on. All this is the last (that is, the body) now humbly forgives you. At the same time, you are unlikely, of course, to think about the inevitability of aging of your body, although this is probably worth thinking about right now. Or, in any case, try to take some measures to avoid unpleasant surprises that you may encounter in the next ten to fifteen years (we each have our own deadlines). And all you need for this is just a little closer look at your mother.

Let’s start with varicose veins. Have you noticed that many older women have a heavy gait and quite often complain of pain in their legs? Do not think that they were already born with such legs. In their youth, they, probably, just like you, did not get tired of dancing in discos, but with age they gradually lost this ease of movement. The most common cause of this discomfort is precisely varicose veins. The main cause of this disease is the weakness of the walls of blood vessels or “twisting of the veins”, as a result of which blood circulation is disturbed. Therefore, if your mother has something similar (and the probability of getting varicose veins is very high), then now start taking some measures to avoid this scourge if possible.

Give up your favorite habit of sitting cross-legged – this disrupts normal blood circulation. At worst, if your legs are tired of standing straight, do not hesitate to spread them at the knees and thus, as it were, sit like a man or cross them at the ankles. The benefits will be much greater.

At night, if you notice that your legs are excessively tired, place a small roller under your feet. Thus, this elevation will allow them to establish blood circulation.

Try not to stand for long periods of time during the day. Whenever possible, try to sit down for a while, and if possible, lie down.

If there is a problem of constipation (it also injures the veins and affects the blood circulation in the legs in a bad way), take all measures to get rid of it as soon as possible. It’s easy to do. It is enough just to drink a glass of boiled water at room temperature every morning before meals, eat more fiber, bran; feel free to include salads with beets in your diet.

Rethink your relationship with high heels. This is not about a complete rejection of them, but only about limiting walking on them. The fact is that when wearing “studs”, the weight of the body is not distributed over the entire foot, but mainly on the socks, which makes it difficult for blood to drain from the legs. Therefore, we conclude: if possible, wear a heel only in exceptional cases or for a short period of time. The ideal heel for everyday wear is considered to be a heel no higher than 5 cm.

Now let’s touch on osteoporosis – a problem of the spine, which, with age, more often visits women than men.. Surely, surrounded by your relatives (go relatives of your friends) there are women with hunched backs. So, keep in mind, this is not a sign of old age at all, but a sign of osteoporosis. And the probability of getting it by inheritance, just like varicose veins, is very high. What can be done to prevent this disease and prevent it from developing?

Be sure to include foods that contain a daily dose of calcium in your diet. (most of all it is in hard cheeses, milk, sour cream, yogurt, dried apricots, nuts (almonds, sunflower, sesame), beans, dried fish with bones), and in the cold season, take vitamins that focus on calcium.

Quit smoking which, firstly, contrary to today’s fashion for the craze for cigarettes, still does not paint a woman at all (she will add nothing but yellow teeth and fingers smelling of nicotine), and secondly, smoking accelerates the breakdown of estrogen, the lack of which causes fragility bones, which in turn leads to osteoporosis.

You can not ignore the thinning hair. Of course, in the arsenal of a modern woman (at whatever age she may be) today there are so many means and opportunities that, if desired, she is able to easily hide this shortcoming. Nevertheless, you still need to take into account the fact that with age, any woman loses a significant part of her hair (and in men this happens more intensely). Does your mom have this problem? So, there is a chance that you yourself will face it soon.

The use of a drug such as regine, which stimulates hair growth and stops hair loss, will help to avoid this. The drug can be found in any pharmacy, and it is advisable to use it constantly (rub it twice a day on the head, especially in the middle parting).

When choosing a shampoo for washing your hair, focus on mild shampoos that do not contain sodium or ammonium sulfate. Try using baby shampoo.

What else? It is probably worth mentioning the “crow’s feet” – small wrinkles in the corners of the eyes – which are also inherited. The right choice of sunglasses, the use of eye cream and regular good sleep will help to avoid them.

Svetlana Shuklina.

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