Dehydration: detect and stop!

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If you don’t drink the right amount of the right liquid (whisky on Fridays and beer at a picnic are the wrong liquids), if the air around you is dry, if, God forbid, you have a temperature or diarrhea, then you may overuse water. In general, of course, the most obvious symptom of dehydration is thirst. But hard-working girls have trained themselves not to notice it, smokers generally have broken signaling systems, and many more tend to confuse thirst with hunger. In addition, the lack of water may not be momentary, but chronic. So let’s study the danger signals.


If the princess in the mirror quickly turns into a frog and asks to return to the swamp, maybe she just does not have enough water? Here are some cosmetic problems that can arise from dehydration:

  • Edema– not necessarily due to excess fluid. The reason, on the contrary, may be its deficiency, due to which the water-salt balance of the body is disturbed. By the way, too many lymphatic drainage drinks (which, if you remove the pretentious name, are essentially diuretics) will lead to the same result – a swollen face and no radiant youth.
  • Oily skin – another surprise of a dehydrated body, which, with a greasy film on the skin, is trying to protect your beauty from the rapid evaporation of scarce water from the surface. Try to activate moisturizing procedures, control the quantity and quality of the water you drink, and certainly do not dry your skin with alcohol and other poultices – this will only aggravate an already sad condition.
  • acne. It is easy and pleasant for bacteria to thrive in swollen and oily skin (and the skin is not necessarily “oily” type). It will not work to get rid of inflammatory elements until the root cause that causes these unpleasant changes disappears. Before you start hardcore acne therapy, just try to drink clean water and moisturize your skin with well-chosen preparations.
  • small wrinkles – unlike acne, they do not give room for fantasies about alcohol. But on the other hand, we can say with a sigh “what to do, age”, and then sadly prepare for the role of a grandmother. Wait, wrinkles are just a signal to you to increase your water intake – and may well disappear with a normal level of hydration as imperceptibly as they appeared.


For those stern women who do not look in the mirror, nature has prepared another marker of dehydration – pain. Don’t ignore!

  • Head. In the head – the brain, in which there is more water than the average in the body – about 85%. When this indicator decreases, everything becomes bad: a normal amount of oxygen does not enter, toxins are not removed, the vessels function worse. Also, be scared! Dehydration and the disorders it causes can contribute to the onset of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Pause after this paragraph and make yourself some tea.
  • muscle cramps. For normal muscle function, it is necessary that potassium, sodium, magnesium and other substances move freely between our cells, so that the blood brings the necessary and takes away the unnecessary – in general, for everything to work. When the body does not have enough fluid, all processes slow down, an imbalance of essential substances leads to disturbances in muscle contraction – and voila, cramps.


Have you suddenly been drawn to something exotic or for some reason developed a rash, although you did not eat anything unusual? These conditions can also indicate dehydration.

  • Want to eat. Feelings of hunger and thirst are easy to confuse, but when we seize our thirst, we do not solve the problem – therefore, hunger (and in fact – the need for water) does not go away. In fairness, it should be noted that severe dehydration can cause the opposite effect – a complete lack of appetite.
  • Pulls on salty. Begging for salt, the poor body may be trying to restore the water-salt balance, disturbed due to dehydration. By the way, the morning special effects after parties, when you suddenly want to drink pickle from a can or eat Chinese seasonings with a spoon, are of a similar nature.
  • Allergy to common foods. It is believed that allergic reactions can also be associated with a lack of water. With dehydration, the level of histamine rises, which provokes visible manifestations of allergies.


For the most attentive: there are not so obvious, but quite sensitive signs that indicate that something is wrong.

  • Dark urine. Concentrate. To dilute the product of the excretory system to a normal state, the body does not have enough fluid.
  • Constipation. Driven to despair, the body tries to get water from everywhere, dryly “squeezing out” even feces.
  • Viscous saliva. In conditions of resource shortage, the vital organs are the first to receive a scarce product, and there is nothing left for saliva. The result will be a plaque on the tongue and bad breath: thick saliva does not wash them off.


The sun is shining, life is in full swing, but everything is not nice for you and your mood is to hell? Another reason to think about the adequacy of the drinking load.

  • Drowsiness – occurs due to the fact that the dried organism is trying to fall into suspended animation.
  • Anxiety, aggression may be due to hormonal imbalance. And that, in turn, is the result of dehydration. Water is involved in many processes in our body, the hormonal background is no exception. Such a carnival of moods begins that sometimes you want to hide from yourself under the sofa, but there is already no place: a husband, children and a cat are hiding there – in fear of running into an unmotivated mother’s hysteria.

In general, exhale and drink a glass of water!

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