Delayed menstruation: what can it be, except for pregnancy

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Slippery topic. Even dangerous, because it leads to complacency where there is no need to calm down. One recommendation: see a doctor. Because in 40% of cases of delay, an accidental pregnancy will still be detected. Tests are not 100% accurate. And many don’t even do them: someone used a condom, someone was once diagnosed with infertility, someone is “no longer at that age” … But they read the article and console themselves: “I just have stress.” This one just came in with a nine-week pregnancy.

Electronic gadgets have relaxed us with their comfort. Many cycle monitoring apps allow you to not remember the date of the last period. Rarely does anyone additionally draw circles or crosses on paper. However, if for some reason the day was not fixed or the smartphone suddenly broke down, then, as practice shows, few people can remember the right number. And the human brain loves to fool itself. What is perceived as a delay may not be at all. However, no matter how our memory wanders in its labyrinths, in case of any doubt, you still need to do several pregnancy tests with an interval of a couple of days. With clear suspicions (there were unprotected sexual contacts), it is more reliable to donate blood for hCG.

At this point, you can leave the Internet and go to your gynecologist.

Only those who have never had sex since their last period can proceed to the next page.

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